Boca Raton New Years Brunch | Where To Celebrate New Years Day In Boca Raton

boca raton new years brunch

New Years eve is less than a day in the past but you had a night to last a lifetime! When you're rising and shining, facing a brand new year, it's time to shake out the cobwebs and grab a mimosa. Our Boca Raton Real Estate blog gives you some of the finest places to enjoy New Year's brunch in Boca Raton. Read on to find your reservations!

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The Breakers

Since 1926, The Breakers has stood tall as one of the earliest, and yet still foremost expressions of luxury living in Palm Beach County. This elegant hotel features a Sunday breakfast fit for royalty, with a full raw bar, craft cocktails, and mimosas. The Circle, a dining experience known for old-world elegance, is an architectural marvel featuring renaissance artwork before a backdrop of the beautiful Palm Beaches. A la carte is always an option, but with so much in front of you via their spectacular breakfast buffet, you'd be hard pressed to stay seated for long! Luckily for us, New Year's Day falls on a Sunday. If you're in the market for the best of Boca and beyond, look no further than this luxury landmark of South Florida.

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The Addison

Perhaps the best complement to The Breakers within our city proper is The Addison, a luxuriant establishment that also saw its open in 1926, a massive year for Boca Raton, and South Florida as a whole. The Five Star Diamond Cuisine is spearheaded by executive chef Patrick Duffy, whos award winning kitchen is renowned for refining global flavors from every corner of our world into a single kitchen. Duffy pairs masterful technique and modern fusion with countless international cuisines, including a full Indian and Glatt Kosher menu.

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Max's Grille

Max's is a holiday mainstay, with the only advertised New Year's Brunch on our list of five, Max's always has something to offer holiday revelers, and New Year's Day is no different. At the fore of their New Year's Brunch is an array of $5 cocktails, including mimosas, bellinis, sangria, and bloody mary's. For their brunch menu, enjoy everything from rich meat and seafood dishes, fried and baked foods and more. Their brunch boxes range from classic maple and smoky breakfast flavors to light fare such as avocado toast and chopped salads.

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The Tin Muffin

The Tin Muffin is renowned for its namesake baked goods, featuring a rotation of delectable seasonal flavors no better exemplified than during the fall season. This quaint, affordably delicious eatery is staffed by smiling, kind, and considerate people who's commitment to cheerful service is a perfect compliment to their beloved cuisine. Far too often The Tin Muffin is passed over by holiday visitors, who flock to larger, more established brands like the four entries that flank the Tin Muffin in this blog. One look at the Google Reviews for The Tin Muffin is all you need to know that locals love this for more than just baked goods. Its the wide range of tastes and reasons to love The Tin Muffin that piqued our interest, and has us coming back for more than just muffins.

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Gary Rack's Farmhouse Kitchen

Gary Rack's Farmhouse Kitchen is both a great place to earn, and cure your holiday hangover. We love the Royal Palm Place location just as much for drinks out on the town as we do for their elegant yet accessible brunch menu, blending broadly loved flavors with modern twists. One taste of their breakfast skillet is enough to confirm that Gary Rack would not put his name on subpar ingredients. It's the quality of care, unique specials and availability of flavors for every palette that makes Gary Rack's Farmhouse Kitchen a favorite for brunch any weekend, especially with larger groups of diverse tastes.

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