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sanborn square new construction

Sanborn Square is one of several key shopping and office areas within the broader landscape of Downtown Boca Raton. Residing just beyond Palmetto Park Road's northeast corner, the open space is one of the last untapped areas in the Mizner Park district, and a hotbed of spirited debate ahead of yet another multibuilding complex proposed in its stead. Compson Associates, the firm responsible for the 12 story Tower 155, has received stiff opposition despite the nascent stages of the discussions with the city council.

The Proposed Project in Detail: What We Know

The proposed Aletto Square would sit just southeast of Sanborn Square and will (if approved) include a 93 unit, 12 story apartment complex, a 7 story office and retail building, and an eight story automated parking garage. According to Compson Architects, the need for added luxury apartment space is omnipresent, with lessons learned from the Tower 155 project - namely, the reduction during its build from 170 planned units to 128.

In addition to the major proposals stated above, Aletto Square would feature rooftop pool and dining as part of its luxuriant allure, and satisfy what Compson believes is a major need for Class A office space as part of Boca Raton's drive to lure more high value blue ribbon companies to open branches or even headquarter in Boca Raton.

With so many fleeing lockdown conditions and perverse disincentives for businesses, Compson argues that Aletto Square would further enhance the opportunities in Boca Raton for continued economic growth - while its detractors see otherwise.

protecting the last vestiges of downtown character

With Tower 155, opponents already see what they feel is an obtrusion to the welcoming allure of downtown Boca Raton. With its small shops, strip stores, ethnic restaurants and varied architecture, the first thing visitors see when they arrive downtown is a welcoming, warm, and inviting atmosphere. Opponents fear the addition of another massive concrete structure, turning the "peaceful and bucolic" into a "concrete jungle." While it is certain that there is astronomical demand for housing of all types in the South Florida area, the supply to meet the demand could have dreadful consequences if economic growth is held at a premium in negligence of the city's few remnants of the past.

Where we stand today

And thus, we have reached what appears to be a standoff, though the grassroots petitioners don't wield the collective might of the boardroom and the exorbitant financial gain expected in the wake of this massive, productive, and perhaps yes, unsightly project proposal. There are major positives and negatives to each side, yet without the veto power of the city council, it is unlikely that Sanborn Square will remain the same, and another massive project will be underway downtown for years to come.

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