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Boca Raton truly is the city beautiful. Touches of the Mediterranean greet you from the local Publix to Highland Beach. Boca Raton homeowners do appreciate their appeal with manicured front lawns and gardens that are true labors of love. If you are planning to move to Boca Raton, or are already settled in our bucolic town, here are 5 great home gardening tips for a true Boca Raton home!

Water Your Garden at Night

sprinklers running at night

Your local HOA and the city may have already made this abundantly clear, but just in case, despite Boca Raton’s effusive humidity 9 months out of the year one should always water their grass at night. Our shining sun, who is usually our best friend when it comes to drying us off after a summer thundershower, still does its best to dry out everything and everything. If you plan to water your beautiful Boca Raton garden in the middle of the day, chances are the sun will snatch that water up before your thirsty plants have their fill.

Talk to Your Neighbors

neighbors talking and smiling outside

Have you seen a Boca Raton home that inspires serious garden envy? Don’t be shy and say hello to your neighbor with the green thumb. If they are not using a lawn service, chances are they will be familiar with the temperament of the soil, which plants respond best to the local climate, and much more. There is an unspoken kinship among serious gardeners and one that you should certainly use to your advantage for the best home gardening tips!

Don’t Procrastinate…Irrigate!

rain gutters on boca home

Our rainy seasons blow in the afternoon thunderstorm on a nearly daily basis, leading to street flooding, power outages, and all sorts of subtropical inconveniences. Make sure that your prized Boca Raton garden has plenty of protection from runoff and sits at a slightly higher elevation and away from standing water. You can create your own rises and dips in your lawn’s topography to carefully lead water away from your special patch.

Grow Local

locally grown lemons and pineapples

One would think that our perennial spring and summer would suit almost any plant. After all, the name of our state translates to “abounding in flowers.” However, only certain kinds of local or tropical plants can thrive in our climate, while others can drive the average Boca Raton homeowner crazy. Visit your local nurseries and speak to an expert about which plants will have the most successful run in your garden. Pro-tip: if you’re new to gardening, choose something easy to grow. You’ll need the encouragement of early wins.

Toss the Cheap Potting Mix

high quality potting soil held in bare hand

Some of the most beautiful plants need their own place to grow. After spending a pretty penny on an artisanal terracotta pot, don’t skimp on the potting mix, lest your newest addition becomes the first to depart as soon as the weather changes.

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