Boca Raton Pet Rescue | Dog Of The Month (July 2022)

Boca Raton Pet Rescue Albert

Update: AJ has been adopted! Albert still remains. Images have been changed to reflect this development. Albert is ready and as loving as ever. Let's get this guy home!

The "Dog Days of Summer" are truly upon us, and we braved the heat to spend a little time with these wonderful brothers - AJ & Albert! These border collie pups are full of vitality, curiosity, and love. Whether together as a pair or on their own, these boys are ready as ever to meet their new family and find their forever backyard. Even with the energy they possess and under the din of nearby traffic, we were able to follow these boys around and capture the special vibe that each of them possesses. We can't wait to hear the good news. Will you be the one to bring them home?

Contact the Tri-County Animal Rescue to visit Albert today!

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