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If there's one thing we wish we could change on our own, it's the need to wear tailored suits to important business events in Boca Raton. Facing down the undeniable heat & humidity are part of living in Boca Raton, and if you're not prepared, your entire look will suffer.

We've gathered a handful of our favorite places to get our suits and blouses pressed. Support Boca Raton's best dry cleaners today!

Joy's Dry Cleaners

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Situated off N Federal Highway, Joy's Dry Cleaners carries a sterling reputation as one of the best dry cleaners in Boca Raton. Joy's dry cleaning has a reputation for going the extra mile, restoring shirts and putting genuine effort into preserving and cleansing your best garments beyond the expected scope of work. For a personal touch, look no further!

Simple Dry Cleaners

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Simple Dry Cleaners is locally owned and operated, having spent 35 years in business. They offer dry cleaning, alteration, and shoe repair services. They cover all the bases - from eco-friendly materials to commercial cleaning and even alteration emergencies. If you're in a bind and need that special garment for that event coming up, step into Simple Dry Cleaners and take it easy!

VIP Dry Cleaners

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VIP Dry Cleaners says it all in the name. Owner/Operator Anthony has developed a tremendous reputation for quick, affordable, and personalized service. With a sizable facility, VIP Dry Cleaners does all their work in-house, ensuring the most efficient turnaround times with quality control under a microscope.

magic tailors & cleaners

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Magic Tailors & Cleaners is a dry cleaner with a special emphasis on their skilled tailoring work. They specialize in all forms of formal, business, and elegant attire alterations, custom fits, and personalized fashion. If you've ever had the vision for something special, but lack the chops to get it done, share your thoughts with the team at Magic Tailors and watch it come to life!

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