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Updated (05/24/2022): Bamboo Wok added

Fast, convenient, and affordable. Chinese-American cuisine has become a staple of city life almost anywhere in the country. The versatility of take-out, dine-in, and even buffet options makes Chinese food one of the most exciting and easily accessible comfort food options. Something about Chinese takeout after a long day brings warmth back to the spirit with a combination of comforting deliciousness and easy convenience.

With so many people moving to South Florida, especially from the New York market, we’ve been asked the question many times: where is the best Chinese food in Boca Raton? We set out to find some answers.

Lisa’s Kitchen

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Lisa’s Kitchen is a local Chinese food talisman, run by co-owners Jason Yu and Lisa Zhen. Originally from the coastal city of Taishan, they’ve brought their coastal Cantonese flair – pairing fresh seasonal produce with the abundant seafood found throughout the community. From Taishan to Boca Raton, Lisa’s Kitchen is a proud community success story.

China One

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China One covers a broader spectrum of East Asian cuisine, featuring a prominent sushi menu as well. Renowned for its quality of service, China One proudly boasts a modern interpretation of classic Chinese cuisine. With friendly service, outstanding prices, and a dual Chinese-Japanese menu, it’s easy to see why China One is as popular as it’s been in Boca Raton.

Golden China II

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Golden China II is known for its wonderful service and talented kitchen staff, preparing timeless Chinese dishes at an excellent price. Golden China II embodies all you’d want from your local go-to Chinese eatery – great service, affordable prices, and reliably delicious food.

5-Spice Asian Street Market

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We’ve all seen the many travel channel shows and envied the hosts as they perused the open-air markets and tasted the most authentically succulent native foods. 5-Spice Asian Street Market seeks to capture the magic behind these cultural staples, right here in Boca Raton. Whether it’s Cantonese roast duck, pad thai, banh mi, or something else – 5-Spice Asian Street Market might be the most interesting and unique option among the best Chinese food in Boca Raton.

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Bamboo Wok

Bamboo Wok has been a staple of the Boca Raton area and beyond for over two decades. Owned by the Lin family since 2001, you can feel the love and passion they've put into sharing their cuisine with the world. The energy and effort invested into this longtime local favorite are apparent with every bite. Like many of the best Chinese takeout spots, they pride themselves on providing an affordably delicious menu that balances price and quality deftly, as evidenced by their numerous specials and widespread menu offerings.

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