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best burgers in boca

The hamburger - a Germanic sounding, very American classic of cuisine. This piled-high grilled sandwich has won the hearts & minds of our nation, as a central staple to any festive outing, patriotic holiday, outdoor party, ball game and so much more. With so many new people moving to Boca Raton, we wanted to ask our realtors who they thought had the best burger in Boca Raton. From their palate to yours, here's what we heard! Check out 5 of the very best burgers in Boca Raton.

Tucker Duke's

classic american burger

Tucker Duke's has carved its name out in the past few years of a dream for fans of the modern, gastropub culture. Their dessert bites and apps are exciting enough, but it's the inventive take on the burger that really takes the cake. Reflective of the type of gastronomic science seen in some of the most established corners of America's restaurant culture, they feature a piled-high burger for every preference. 

Burton's Grill & Bar of Boca Raton

burger trio on multigrain bun

Located in the Park Place Shopping Center towards West Boca, Burtons features multiple locations crawling the eastern seaboard, from New Hampshire to the Carolinas, and through to Boca Raton. Their menu features a large assortment of choices, from General Tso's cauliflower, to fish tacos, to their classic burger menu using only the highest quality Allen Brothers chuck beef.

The Yard House

smiling girl about to bite a burger

The Yard House is one of the largest sports bar chains in the United States, and despite their widespread distribution - as far as Hawai'i, they never compromise quality for scale. With one of the largest draft beer selections of any restaurant in America, this is the perfect spot to pull up a chair and catch the big game. Add one of their 1/2 lb prime burgers, and you've found your new favorite spot to venture out when the game at home just won't cut it.

M.E.A.T. Eatery And Taproom

two cheeseburgers on sesame buns

With an atypical name and a unique menu to set it apart, the brainchild of Chef George Patti does things a bit more hands on than most any other burger joint we've seen. They truly own the process, smoking their own meats, making sausage, and whipping up condiments onsite. With compliments like their nutella milkshake and duck fat fries to boot, this is a gastropub lovers dream. Handmade quality meets (no pun intended) a fascinating menu, try it all at M.E.A.T.

The Rebel House

gastropub burger with fries

We've lauded the work of Chef Eric Baker before and mentioned the Rebel House in prior blogs.. This trendy spot, located in royal palm place just south of Mizner park - is as apt a date night spot as a place to catch the game. Similar to some of the above entries, this is so much more than a burger joint. The blend of classic American fare with global flavor infusion is what sets the Rebel House apart.

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