5 Pest Control Tips to Try in Your Boca Home

pest control tips for your boca home

The Boca Raton lifestyle is one of leisure and relaxation. Life carries at its own pace under our verdant canopy of palm trees. But hidden within that thick foliage is another world of creepy crawlies and critters that would like to share your beautiful Boca home as soon as the thunder and lighting come calling. Here are 5 pest control trips to try in your Boca home!

Eliminate Standing Water

standing water

Mosquitos and flies are an especially tiring nuisance around our fair city, especially in the legendary humidity of August. Get those pests off the dole by eliminating pockets of standing water, which are mosquito's favorite places to breed. These could be found in buckets being left out after housework, hammocks, gutters stuffed with debris, or a slump in the elevation of your lawn.

Remove All Food Waste

food waste

Did you know that a cockroach can live for days off of a single crumb? Think twice about eating that cookie on the couch! Leaving food out overnight is a juicy opportunity for our multi-legged friends. Even our faithful garbage cans are no match to keep out the tiny opportunists. If you must throw out raw items or unfinished meals, dispose of them in a plastic bag to contain the smell before dropping them in the trash can. If you love to grill during our perpetual summer, make sure the grill and grease trap has been properly scrubbed after eating use.

Turn Away the Rodents

mouse traps

If a rodent can fit its head through an opening, it can make its way through. Once a quarter, check the perimeter of your home for any breaks or holes in the stucco and fill them with steel wool, and trim any branches from trees that create a bridge for the critters to make a new home in your roof. Adding rat and mice traps near your trash cans or hoses will also help cull the local population. If you are comfortable with doing so, adopting an outdoor cat has been known to significantly reduce the presence of rodents near your home.

Inspect for Termites

termites in a log

You can set outdoor traps to poison colonies before they wreak havoc on your Boca Raton home, but a bit of vigilance goes a long way. Keep an eye out for discolored or drooping drywall, peeling paint that resembled water damage, buckling floorboards (even with laminate), or tiny holes in your drywall. If you detect any of the above, reach out to your local pest control company, as early detection can save you tens of thousands in potential repair costs.

Hire a Professional

hiring pest control

There is only so much that you can do. While we can’t say that a professional exterminator will clean up your pest problem for good – living in a state as ecologically diverse as Florida makes it a war of attrition – it will significantly reduce your indoor pest problem to near undetectable levels. Speak to a professional about quarterly, half-yearly, or annual treatment plans to rid yourself of unwanted guests.

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