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5 summer tips to keep your boca home pool

Unless you haven't been outside in the past 2 months, we're sure you know it's scorching hot! Aside from dehydration, sweaty clothes, and hot cars, our homes and air conditioning units are one of the biggest challenges to account for over the Boca Raton summer. When you're not venturing out to one of our local beaches or watering holes, it's important to keep things cool at home. Save time, save money, and save a little grief with these 5 tips to keep your Boca home cool!

Keep Your shades down during the day

shades drawn to prevent heat

We're not suggesting you turn your home into a windowless dungeon, but your windows are magnifiers for sunlight and can do much more to make your Florida room feel like Florida outside if you're not wary. Heavy drapes or even drawn blinds can go a long way to keep your home cool.

Utilize ceiling fans to support A/C

ceiling fan

The A/C in your Boca home has two jobs - to create cool air and circulate it. Once your auto-set A/C turns off, it indicates that the internal temperature as a whole has reached the desired setting, not just the air coming from your ducts. Ceiling fans are incredibly inexpensive to run, and massively increase our overall air circulation at home, spelling the A/C as the sole circulator of cool air.

Change your air filters routinely

man changing air filter in house

This one gets overlooked, and is especially important in homes that have pets. Changing your air filters is so much more important in the summer for obvious reasons, but also protect us from allergenic compounds building up, and the added influx of pet hair due to summer shedding season. 

Insulated your home, especially the attic

attic insulation being placed by technician

This might call for a little professional help, but it's so important. Almost every Boca Raton home has an attic in lieu of basement space, and these are never air-conditioned. Seeing that these sit above our ceilings and beneath our roofs, they are great concentrators of heat and humidity. Spray foam insulation can be a DIY project for some but should be a project undertaken regardless by all. 

Switch your Sheets to Cotton or another light fabric

white cotton bed sheets

There's a whole cottage industry built for hot sleepers, and it's often the choice of fabric that dictates our comfort. Nothing is worse than night sweats, wet sheets, and an extra load of laundry. Our home accents and choice of fabrics can play a major role in the overall insulation of our home, inside and outside the bedroom. Choose wisely and do your research!

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