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Boca Bagel Bar & Deli

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The family-owned Boca Bagel Bar & Deli is one of the most known and visited bagel spots in Boca Raton. Their Jersey-style food offerings are brought to the fore by over 35 years of deli experience. They're serious about their commitment to quality, using only Boar's Head meats, and bagels baked in-house.

Flakowitz Bagel Inn

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The Boynton Beach location of this famous Jewish deli was featured on Guy Fieri's Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives - for good reason. This traditional, old-school Jewish-style deli menu features classics like matzo ball soup, pastrami sandwiches, babka, and Mandel bread. For a taste of Brooklyn right here in Boca, don't take our word for it, take Chef Fieri's!

Lox N Bagel

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Lox & Bagel is a locally owned, family-friendly Kosher bagel spot that covers all the bases for kosher and non-kosher diners alike. They feature a diverse salad, omelet, and sandwich menu that includes the classic Jewish deli styles. Perhaps most interesting are their well-reviewed pizza, pasta, and calzones. For those looking for a kosher-friendly pizza joint, Lox & Bagel does it all. 

2nd Street Bagels and Deli

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2nd Street Bagels and Deli have a remarkable 6 plate traditional menu featuring homemade knishes, matzo brie, latkes, and blintzes. Much like other local Jewish-style delis, they've got something for everyone. Their eggs benedict with crab cakes is a unique take on the breakfast delight, only surpassed in decadence by the beloved challah French toast. At amazing prices, located within a few steps of many of our Boca Luxury Condo complexes, 2nd Street Bagels delivers the Manhattan vibe under the Florida sun.

Uncle Pinkie's Market & Deli

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The new kid on the block with a commitment to the old-school, Uncle Pinkie's recently debuted in Boca Raton this February. Chef Eric Baker of the aforementioned Rebel House has developed the menu - drawing upon his Long Island and Eastern European heritage. The by-the-pound deli meats, noodle kugel, bagels, and smoked fish spreads are a smash hit with local retirees and recent transplants alike. For people moving out of New York, find this beautiful new offering along Palmetto Park road and enjoy the personal touch of Chef Baker as he continues developing our local restaurant culture.

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