A List Of Helipads And Private Airfields In Boca Raton

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Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, and Miami Beach are three waterfront cities renowned for their concentration of wealth. Both for vacationers and residents, this luxurious triumvirate represents some of the most sought after real estate in the world. With wealthy businesspeople, upcoming entrepreneurs, and retired millionaires dotting the landscape, it's no wonder there are numerous opportunities for the aviation-enthused to live their best in the skies. In today's Boca Raton Real Estate blog, we shed light on the majority if not all local airstrips, hangars, helipads, and service stations for your helicopter or airplane. 

private airport in boca raton area

The following is a list of known airplane hangars, maintenance bays, landing strips, and fuel depots for private aviation.

Boca Raton Executive Airport (BCT)

The largest and closest to our offices, the Boca Raton Executive Airport services the majority of inbound private flights. Built on a portion of the former Boca Raton Army Air Force Base, BCT is now the main hub for private aviation in Boca Raton.


The 4-terminal midpoint between Palm Beach International and Miami, Fort Lauderdale International (FLL) includes rentable hangar space via the Fort Lauderdale Executive Jet Center (FXE) along with private charters outbound from the airport.

Miami-Opa Locka Executive Airport (OPF)

This lesser known executive airport rests 11 miles north of Downtown Miami. A joint civil-military station, the Coast Guard Air Station operates from this airport as the sole military presence. On-demand jet charters are provided via DayJet services. The city of Opa-Locka was named and founded by Aviation Pioneer Glenn Curtiss. In later years, the Opa Locka Airport would host the Goodyear Blimp and numerous aviation training academies. Today, it has been renamed to include "Miami" as part of an effort to include the city name in all its nearby airfields. 

Antiquers Aerodrome

Antiquers Aerodrome is one of two private communities offering hangar access and a private airstrip. One of the most unique communities in the state, the homes are reasonably priced and quite luxurious, showing that owning a home at Antiquers Aerodrome is more than buying land for the sake of the attached airstrip.

Pompano Beach Airpark

The Pompano Beach Airpark was built during World War II and became a central focal point of later development following the conflict. The city relinquished acreage from the park in 1958 to allow for the construction of Pompano Beach Elementary School, with more later sold to build the Pompano Square Mall. Similar to the Miami-Opa Locka airport, there are a slim number of military flights taken from the airpark, but it is predominantly used to store, protect, maintain, and charter private flights. 

Wellington Aero Club

The second of our communities with private airstrips, the equestrian town inland of West Palm Beach also includes the Aero Club, a community not unlike Antiquers Aerodrome, which pairs elegant private housing with aviation-focused facilities. 

Signature Aviation (PBI)

The last of our international airports to be featured, Palm Beach International features just two terminals but includes a hub for Signature Aviation, a fixed base operation (FBO) that offers aircraft storage, service, refueling, concierge services, flight planning, and 3rd party detailing and maintenance. Signature Aviation's presence ensures that Palm Beach International is one of the best equipped airports for private ownership and charter flights.

private helipads

The following list includes both private and publicly accessible heliports for takeoff and landing.

AIM Heliport

Located in Horseshoe Acres, a West Boca community, the namesake heliport is privately owned by AIM Investment Group, and may not be available to the public. 

Le LAc Heliport

Another residential, privately held heliport, Le Lac is a gorgeous upscale Boca Raton community known for its few, but large-scale luxury homes on spacious lots, many of which reside on multiple acres.

City of Ft. Lauderdale Heliport

This publicly owned heliport is adjacent to the grounds of the SkyEagle Aviation Academy in Central Ft. Lauderdale. Ideally used for training exercises, this is one of two publicly owned heliports, with the other amid Ft. Lauderdale's bustling downtown environment.

Hard Rock Heliport

Owned by the Seminole Tribe of Florida and built on the grounds of the now massive landmark that is the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, this privately owned helipad plays host to the high rollers and big spenders that likely funded everything around them in the first place. This location is set in Hollywood, just southwest of Downtown Ft. Lauderdale.

PGA National Heliport

Located on the grounds of the esteemed PGA National Resort, this heliport services similar types to the Hard Rock, though they might be gambling a bit differently, on the green rather than at the table. Renowned as one of the premier courses in the United States, from the PGA National Course to Mar-a-Lago, it's no wonder a heliport resides near such generational wealth.

Rybovich Heliport

The Rybovich Heliport sits at its namesake Marina in Central Palm Beach, just a few miles north of West Palm Beach proper. One of the most aquatic-adjacent heliports on our list, this location allows for easy movement above the waterways, country clubs, and mansions found nearby.

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