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A List Of Helipads And Private Airfields In Boca Raton

airstrip and helipad boca

Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, and Miami Beach are three waterfront cities renowned for their concentration of wealth. Both for vacationers and residents, this luxurious triumvirate represents some of the most sought after real estate in the world. With wealthy businesspeople, upcoming entrepreneurs, and retired millionaires dotting the landscape, it's no wonder there are numerous opportunities for the aviation-enthused to live their best in the skies. In today's Boca Raton Real Estate blog, we shed light on the majority if not all local airstrips, hangars, helipads, and service stations for your helicopter or airplane. 

private airport in boca raton area

The following is a list of known airplane hangars, maintenance bays, landing strips, and fuel depots for private aviation.

Boca Raton Executive Airport (BCT)

The largest and closest to our offices, the Boca Raton Executive Airport services the majority of inbound private flights. Built on a portion of the former Boca Raton Army Air Force Base, BCT is now the main hub for private aviation in Boca Raton.


The 4-terminal midpoint between Palm Beach International and Miami, Fort Lauderdale International (FLL) includes rentable hangar space via the Fort Lauderdale Executive...

5 Hot Boca Raton Nightlife Spots To Visit This Weekend | Boca Raton Lifestyle

nightlife server with shots and beers on tray

Boca Raton may not have the raucous club scene found in Ft. Lauderdale or Miami, but that doesn't mean the city doesn't have numerous locales for late-night fun. From swanky cocktail bars to seeing your favorite jam band and sipping a cold one, Boca Raton has many hotspots to hit with new visitors and locals alike. For our blog, we list 5 of our favorite spots to experience, with an emphasis on versatility. We don't want all 5 entries to represent one bracket, one style, and one type of night out. Worry not! Our list, and these clubs, represent the spice of life we're looking for on a late-night soiree. Here are 5 hot nightlife spots in Boca Raton to suit just about everyone.

Crazy Uncle Mike's

Crazy Uncle Mikes

Crazy Uncle Mike's is located in East-Central Boca along US-1, in a convenient and easily noticable location. Catering to fans of all ages and a variety of musical styles, Crazy Uncle Mike's also includes its own microbrewery, two bars, and an outdoor deck for the smokers among us. A spot popular among Blues fans, Jam bands, and avant-garde styles, Crazy Uncle Mike's may not be the hard-hitting club experience like some, but it is now a staple of Boca Raton nightlife, and a stage worth enjoying.

salt and spirits...

The 5 Largest Companies Headquartered In Boca Raton

who are the 5 largest companies in boca raton

Over the past few decades, Boca Raton has transformed from a waterfront gem to a bustling entrepreneurial hotbed. This growth has only compounded in the past few years, with the city and state vying for both new startup opportunists and major corporate relocations. While there are many mom & pop businesses, local nooks, and special legacy companies that built their brand in Boca Raton, for our blog we focus on the biggest, the richest, and the most significant employers in Boca Raton. Learn a little bit more about these international names and their significance to our city, and the economy as a whole.

tyco integrated security logo

Tyco Integrated Security

  • HQ - 6600 Congress Ave. Boca Raton, FL 33487

Tyco Integrated Security is the single largest company headquartered in Boca Raton. The company can trace its founding to the earliest days of commercial security in the United States, launching in 1874. After merging with ADT in 1997, the company grew to become one of the largest security providers in the world, eventually splitting into three companies in 2011. As of 2012, Tyco Integrated Security spearheads residential and commercial security systems solutions, which include electronic security products such as supporting software and integrated hardware, along with their installation and service. The company currently...

The Impact Of Neighborhood Amenities On Boca Home Value

impact of neighborhood amenities in boca raton

When searching for new homes for sale in Boca Raton, amenities are certainly tertiary compared to major concerns such as safety and the home itself. However, beyond your home, the first thing a development will advertise are its list of amenities, common areas, and shared experiences. These luxurious additions are even more magnified in the Boca Raton condo market, where there is less individuality to sell per unit, and often many more amenities within a smaller space. While there may be larger determinants for valuing a Boca home, amenities play a major role in the decisions of who are often big money buyers. Buyers with more liquid capital can not only choose from a wider range of Boca Raton communities, they can also make changes to their homes as needed. With more necessities accounted for and less concern for the basics, amenities play a bigger role in higher-income communities. In today's blog, we'll shed light and share what we know about the role amenities play in the value of your Boca home, and community as a whole.

all inclusive lifestyle at home

Upscale Amenities Are Part of An All-Inclusive Lifestyle

Many Boca Raton communities are renowned for their all-inclusive lifestyle, featuring the basics like cable and lawn care to upscale frills like ...

The New Year's Resolutioner's Guide To Boca Raton

resolutioners guide to boca raton

There is quite a debate around New Year's Resolutions. For the more goal-oriented among us, they are a must and a means to a beginning into the next year. They are the stars that guide us in the direction we wish our lives to be. For the more... whimsical and realistic, sometimes New Year's Resolutions, though well-intended, represent a goalpost we will likely fall short of, setting the stage for disappointment. It's not that the standard is impossible, but like a small child at a dessert buffet, sometimes we bite off more than we can chew. The answer lies somewhere in the middle. New Year's Resolutions should not be about the result or the destination, but the journey and the process it takes to reach them. In that way, we inculcate better habits without setting ourselves up to fail, and while we're at it, become more comfortable with ourselves and the trajectory of our lives. We're not here to judge you or tell you what to strive for or how hard to work for it. You deserve to grow on your schedule, free from the leering eyes and burdensome gazes of those beyond your circle. We referenced this Forbes Article regarding the latest in 2024 New Year's Resolutions. Whatever your New Year's Resolution is, take it at your own pace, and see if any of these Boca Raton, places, people, and things can make your life a bit better every day.

new years resolutions by the numbers


5 Of the Most Popular Home Decor Trends In 2023

popular boca raton home design trends in 2023

Home exteriors are a style all of their own. Like home interiors, or the clothing we wear, even the natural world has trends. While we don't have the same breadth of design freedom in a less controllable environment like nature itself, there are still many ways we can tailor both our home interior, exterior, and the natural world around it to our liking. These home design trends represent a broader national example but are also acutely found here around many beautiful Boca Raton homes. We've observed and researched online and in-person, the latest direction home designers have taken their products. Our list is hardly comprehensive but represents some of the most significant and popular home decor trends for 2023. 

black and white interiors

Black and White 

We've made plenty of notes over the past years about the ascent of modern, contemporary decor after decades of Mizner-inspired Mediterranean Revivalism. Despite the beauty of the tans, beiges, and goldenrods that mark the walls, ceilings, and accents of these Boca Raton homes, many are choosing clean, crisp lines and simple palettes. Evidenced by communities like Lotus and Lotus Palm, home designers are now seeking black and white to define the home line by line, angle by angle. These crisp, colorless palettes of greys, whites,...

New Years Parties In Boca Raton | Where To Celebrate New Years Eve

new years events in the boca raton area

Is it 2024 yet? We're a little bewildered that the year came and went faster than the Brightline, but here we are ready to ring in the New Year. In keeping you informed on the latest happenings, holidays, and celebrations around Boca Raton, today's Boca Raton Real Estate blog highlights the best events, parties, and fun things happening around the city. Read on and get your sparklers, champagne, and dancing shoes ready!

new years eve at crazy uncle mikes

New Year's Eve at Crazy Uncle Mike's - Boca Raton

  • When: Dec. 31 - Jan. 1 | 9 PM - 1 AM
  • Where: Crazy Uncle Mike's 6450 N. Federal Hwy. Boca Raton, FL

One of our favorite spots in Boca Raton, Crazy Uncle Mike's has become a premier destination for live music, craft beer, and easy bites. With an elevated stage and superb lounging area, alongside its outdoor deck, we love Crazy Uncle Mike's as a venue and a restaurant. In keeping with their namesake, Crazy Uncle Mike's has invited Southern Blood, a band saluting Southern Rock, to hit the stage for a celebration that's sure to rock the night away. 

noon years eve at boca


Hurricane Shutters vs. Impact Resistant Windows: Which Is Right For Your Boca Home?

hurricane shutters vs impact glass

With today's new construction homes, hurricane-impact windows are almost an expectation. For older homes without the accommodations for impact windows, however, the question still looms. Do I spend (a lot more) on impact windows, or find a simpler, yet still reliable solution? In today's blog, we discuss protecting and securing the most vulnerable points of your home from the worst nature has to throw at it. Impact windows, or slide-out shutters? Read on to learn more about what might work for you!

hurricane shutters on teal home

Pros Of Hurricane Shutters

1. Hurricane Shutters Are Much Cheaper

Let's face it. Things aren't as cheap as they used to be. We're never one to compromise on our safety, especially in the wake of a potential life-altering natural disaster. However, buying an existing home in Boca Raton leaves you with the potential for expensive remodeling projects during a time of sky high material costs. Hurricane shutters are plug and play solutions that are easily affixed to the side of the home. Often made from simple sheet metal, they are easy to self-install and remove in a pinch, without requiring remodel work to the structure of the home.

2. They Can Easily Be Added and Subtracted From The Home

Hurricane shutters can be affixed to the home via a tracking system, allowing for an easy rollout. Whether attached via track or kept separately altogether,...

The 2023 Boca Raton Holiday Boat Parade | Everything You Need To Know

2023 boca raton holiday boat parade

We're fired up for the 49th annual Boca Raton holiday boat parade! One of the most popular events in Boca Raton is nearly five decades old, returning for its next installation. The Boca Holiday Boat Parade is a coalescing event that incorporates much of what sets this community apart. The bright lights, beautiful boats, balmy weather, and neighborhood camaraderie are exemplified at this event. For our part, we've got our eyes on the water and our thumb on the pulse of our backyard, and are here to bring you everything you need to know about the 2023 Boca Raton Holiday Boat Parade!

  • When: Saturday, December 16th 2023. 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
  • Where: Boca Raton Intracoastal Canal (C-15 to Hillsboro Bridge)

The Parade Route

The Parade will follow its usual path beginning in the C-15 Canal of the Boca Raton/Delray Beach border. The parade boats will turn due south at the Intracoastal and follow along until the route end at the Hillsboro drawbridge. The boats will pass several waterfront communities in Boca Raton including the Boca Marina Yacht Club and Golden Harbour among several others. There are three drawbridges along the route: Spanish River, Palmetto Park, and Camino Real, beginning with Spanish River and ending beyond the picturesque twisting drawbridge spanning Camino Real. Eachdrawbridge...

Boca Raton Christmas Lights Near Me | Where To See Christmas Lights In 2023

2023 christmas lights in boca raton

The Champagne & Parisi Blog has become quite the holiday institution if our readership numbers are any indication. We've covered Thanksgiving and the holiday boat parade, and once again, here we are sharing the best places to view Christmas Lights near you in the Boca Raton area & beyond. Without further ado, here are some of the most well-known and picturesque places to enjoy Christmas lights and holiday displays, in the way only South Florida can provide!

busy christmas parade with marching band


  • Where: The Intracoastal Waterway, from the C-15 Canal to Camino Real
  • When: Saturday, December 16th 2023

For the best and most detailed information on this nearly 5-decade Boca Raton holiday event, visit our dedicated Holiday Boat Parade blog!

100 foot christmas tree delray beach

The 100 Ft Christmas Tree and Holiday Village - Delray Beach

  • ...

Boca Raton Thanksgiving 2023 | Giving Thanks From Champagne & Parisi Real Estate

thanksgiving gratitude list 2023

Gratitude. It's the basis for being a good person. It begins with humility, transmutes to gratefulness, and is expressed in kindness. A tradition of Champagne & Parisi Real Estate in recent years, we love writing our many thanks to the few fortunate enough to make our list. While we could easily quadruple our list and add many more people and businesses we're grateful for, we had to narrow it down to a select few. We're grateful for life, opportunity, friendship, and the generosity of all we're blessed to work alongside, but these mentioned people, places, and things are as deserving as any for our Thanksgiving 2023 gratitude list. 

patch reef title company boca raton

Patch Reef Title

We'll begin by thanking three of our most crucial business partners, starting with Patch Reef Title Company. When it comes to real estate title work, Patch Reef is more than just our partner. They are the absolute gold standard in the industry and work tirelessly for our clients. Whether it's facilitating the final stages of a deal, resolving disputes, or educating our team on the latest in Real Estate titling, Patch Reef is one of many title companies serving the area, but a steadfast partner who proves their worth at every turn.

supreme lending partners


The Best Shopping In Boca Raton | Shops And Stores In Boca Raton

best shopping in boca raton

Boca Raton is a city renowned for its inclusive yet glamorous lifestyle. Whether retiring to one of the illustrious 55+ communities throughout the city, raising a beautiful family in the likes of Boca Chase, or hitting the fast lane at a Downtown condo, there are so many ways to live your best life in Boca Raton. Besides the numerous city beaches that attract locals and tourists from across the world, the elegant retail options and incredible shopping experiences are sure to coax tourists from their beachfront hotels and locals from their living rooms to enjoy a little soiree downtown. For today's Boca Raton Real Estate blog, we show newcomers where the best shopping in Boca Raton can be found and remind the locals that a lovely day of retail therapy is at their fingertips.

upscale shopping clearance sign under pagoda

The Boca Town Center Mall

The Boca Town Center Mall is the largest indoor mall in the Boca Raton area. Despite brick-and-mortar stores experiencing a significant downturn following the advent and expansion of online retail, the Boca Town Center Mall has held firm as one of the premier attractions in Boca Raton. The mall features numerous high-end luxury shops selling everything from fine wines and culinary goods to jewelry, watches, and textiles. In addition to their attractive store options, the...

2023 Thanksgiving Dinner In Boca Raton | Thanksgiving Dinner Near Me

2023 thanksgiving dinner around boca raton

Can anyone else believe that 2023 is already winding down?! It may be a cliche, but it's as true as ever and seems to only accelerate as the years go by. With the fall season fully underway and pumpkin patches popping up around town, it's time to line up our favorite options for Thanksgiving dinner around Boca Raton. Whether ordering in or dining out, sometimes it just makes more sense to skip the hassle and get things taken care of for you. We're all for family traditions and home cooking, but when half the family is coming in from out of town and showing up with nothing but suitcases, the burden of hosting can become the theme of the holiday, rather than the holiday revelry itself. Here is a list of a few of the best options for ordering Thanksgiving Dinner in Boca Raton this year!

the capital grille 2023 thanksgiving

The Capital Grille

  • Address: 6000 Glades Rd. Boca Raton, FL 33431
  • Phone: (561) 368 - 1077
  • Price: $50/adult $20/children

The upscale and prized Capital Grille is offering a reasonably priced Thanksgiving meal alongside its full dinner menu. This meal will include a centerpiece of slow-roasted turkey with brioche stuffing paired with cranberry-pear...

Top Window Design Trends To Beautify Your Boca Raton Home

top window design trends for your boca home

Windows are the gateways to your home and have a significant impact on the beauty, light, and color within. Beyond offering visibility to the world outside, windows are opportunities to make your home your own. From curtains to colors, to framing, and modern tech, windows are one of the most important and often underrated means of decorating your interior. 2023 has given way to some significant changes in the way we decorate our properties. Gone are the days of heavy Mediterranean hues, replaced by whites, blues, and light palettes to suit a more refined and minimalistic visage. Today, we discover and review some of the most popular ways Boca Raton residents have been treating their windows, and why you might consider one of these ideas for yourself.

roller shades

Roller Shades

Anyone who has ever rented a home with cheap Venetian blinds knows just how important window treatments can be. Roller shades are often cordless, canvas-style, neutrally colored, thick and durable fabric. They are effective for preventing heat intrusion as well as providing optimal privacy. Without the pull strings and easily snappable thin plastic blinds, Roller shades are easily deployed, affordable, attractive, and effective.

lined draperies


What Are Some Common Contingencies In Real Estate Contracts?

what are common real estate contingencies

Contingencies in real estate contracts are specific clauses that trigger or prevent certain events from occurring. They are often routinely added to ensure certain conditions are met before entering the contractual phase. Many of these contingencies are common, and sometimes even required to ensure a fair and balanced transaction occurs. In today's Boca Raton Real Estate blog, we're bringing several of the most universally observed contingencies in real estate contracts, and how they shape the nature of buying or selling a Boca Raton home.

home sale contingency

Mortgage/Loan Contingency

A mortgage contingency is a way to protect home buyers from rejection by a financial institution. This contingency, also known as a loan contingency or financing contingency, allows buyers to cancel the contract without legal penalty or loss of deposit in the event they are unable to secure a mortgage. The loan contingency period is usually 30-60 days, and permits the buyer a grace period to search for a financial product that works for them. If unable to, both parties can walk without repercussion.

home inspection contingency

Home Inspection 


The Pros and Cons To Paying Your Mortgage Off Early | Boca Raton Home Mortgages

the pros and cons to paying a mortgage early

It sounds ludicrous to not pay a loan off early. After all, in the commission of a 30-year mortgage, oftentimes more than half of the loan is paid in strict interest. However, in part to some seemingly perverse and conflicting financial incentives to the way our system is set up, it isn't always the wisest to pay off your mortgage early. There are credit, tax, and future loan considerations to take into account, along with the principal and interest of the home itself. In today's blog, we give you the pros and cons of paying your mortgage early and hope you find a way forward that best suits you.

free up cash flow

Pro: Free Up Cash Flow

Paying off your mortgage faster means more cash in the future. Even if your mortgage is still active, you can pay down heavily in the beginning, creating a healthy habit that reduces the term of your loan, freeing up cash flow in the future. In addition, automating extra payments will ensure you build your budget around this higher number. In the event, you require a few extra bills to take care of a one-time problem, you've already been overpaying and can safely regress to the mean without losing any momentum. Now, imagine the beauty of paying down your mortgage 3, 5, or maybe 10 years early. All of that money thrown at interest is now back in your pocket for all those years to come!

you could lose your tax deduction

Con: You...

Boca Raton Halloween Events Near Me | 2023 Halloween In Boca Raton

2023 halloween events in boca raton

It's officially autumn in South Florida! With the slight inward breeze and a resurgent Miami Dolphins, we have so much to celebrate as the year winds down and the days grow shorter. For this year, we've organized a myriad of events for kids, families, and adults for our Halloween 2023 blog. Whether looking to dress up and party on, or bring the kids to some wholesome family fun, our Boca Raton Real Estate blog has you covered!

halloween brunch

Halloween Brunch at Throw Social - Delray Beach

  • When: Saturday & Sunday, October 28-29, 11:30 AM - 2:00 AM
  • Where: Throw Social - 29 SE 2nd Ave. Delray Beach, FL 33444

Delray Beach is always abuzz when learning of festivities at the ever-popular Throw Social. Just a few minutes north of Boca Raton, this off-the-Ave. hotspot is as exciting during brunch hours as it is into the night, combining kinetic activities like ping-pong, axe throwing, and giant Jenga with craft cocktails, dancing, and more. Thematic cocktails will headline the party, with four stations featuring Frankenstein Jello shot syringes, Witches brew sangria, and even a drag brunch and doggie costume contest!

boca pumpkin patch

Boca Raton Pumpkin Patch Festival - Boca Raton

  • ...

When Is The Right Time To Refinance My Mortgage? | Boca Raton Real Estate

when is the right time to refinance your mortgage

A long-term loan can be a tricky prospect. The timing of paying it down can affect not only your bottom line, but also your taxes, credit, and ability to pursue future loans. Refinancing a mortgage is part of this challenge - a stressful miasma to some, a unique opportunity to others. With interest rates as high as they've been in decades, the time and place to refinance matters more than ever. Our Realtors have insisted to their clients that despite the high rates, the price of waiting for unknown speculation to potentially come true is often more financially damaging than buying now. If you're hesitant about high rates and are buying with the intent to refinance in the future, read today's blog and consider these examples as indicators that it might be the right time to refinance your Boca Raton home.

lower by 1%

If you can reduce your rate by 1% or more

Refinancing isn't something you can do whenever you just feel like it. Certain prerequisites must be met in order to ensure your refinance is successful. In the event your refinancing lender provides a rate decrease by a minimum of 1%, you should consider it time to refinance. With rates standing above 7% as of today's writing, that single percentile won't return you to the pre-COVID days but will surely reduce your monthly payment by a considerable amount and allow you to pay your mortgage faster with the leftover funds when possible. 

long term plans...

6 Reasons To Move Your Business To Boca Raton

6 reasons to move your business to boca raton

Through the decades Boca Raton has grown from an idyllic waterfront prize to something so much more. While always defined by luxury, glamor, and the magnificent beaches that attract visitors from around the world, Boca Raton is now as much of a business center as a vacation destination. There are many reasons (well beyond the six listed here) to relocate your business to Boca Raton, but through our research and the discussions we have with local business leaders, we believe these six are as impactful as any. Read on and learn more about these six reasons should be moving your business to Boca Raton, FL.

tax efficiency boca business

Tax Efficiency

Florida is one of the best tax havens in America, especially for the personal. From the sales tax your employees pay at the register, to the many incentives to run your business with a Florida HQ. If you're relocating employees, they can expect a heightened quality of life, along with the lack of a state income tax to add to their income by subtraction. To further incentivize business relocations, the state provides many state-specific tax credits to improve your bottom line.

boca raton corporate hq map...

Key Questions To Ask At An Open House

key questions to ask at an open house

An open house is more than just a chance to view the home for yourself. It's an opportunity to get the pulse of the community, to learn about the neighborhood, the history, and the work that's gone into the home you're touring. When attending an open house, you should feel relaxed and at ease. After all, it's the selling agent's job to entertain you - to provide a welcoming atmosphere and even a little snack to keep you going throughout the day. However, as attendees to an open house, it shouldn't be all about the fruit platter and good energy. You're there for a reason, and it's not for the free coffee. Here are some insightful, and important questions you should consider asking when attending your next open house.

home offer accepted

How Many Offers Are There On The Home?

Keep your eyes on the listing agent, whose disposition and attention to guests may give away whether the house has offers or not. Oftentimes, the agent will initiate the conversation and deliver the news that multiple offers have been given themselves. Their hope is to create a sense of urgency and subsequently, a bidding war. By getting out in front of the agent and asking ahead, you're showing intent but not allowing them to take point on the conversation. In addition, you may not want to endure the stresses and back and forth of a bidding war. Finding out this important detail will help determine your next step before seeing past the living room.