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Cinco De Mayo Events In Boca Raton | Cinco De Mayo 2023 Events

2023 cinco events in boca raton

It's that time of year again! Some of us may still be recovering from St. Patrick's Day, but Cinco de Mayo is firmly on our calendar. For a city quite a few miles from Mexico, and a larger Latin influence via South America and the Caribbean, Boca Raton has solidified itself as a destination for Mexican cuisine. Featuring both the larger, best-known restaurants and lesser-known locales, Boca Raton always does Cinco de Mayo right. For some of the best events in Boca Raton and nearby, read on and set your calendars!

4 tequila shots with lime wedges

Cinco de Mayo at Calaveras Cantina - Boca Raton

Our list begins at one of the closest locales to our Beach Offices with Calaveras Cantina in Mizner Park. Live entertainment will be provided by a trio of acts, beginning with a live DJ, mariachi band, and a percussionist performing from 8:00 PM - 1:00 AM. Specials include $5 bottled beer, shots of Corazon Tequila, and deals on margaritas all day and night.

mexican female dancers in traditional garb


4 Major Incentives To Sell Your Property This Summer

4 major reasons to sell your home this summer

Summer is on the horizon. For Floridians, it’s been here since Valentine’s Day, but the rest of the country is still catching up.  Boca Raton Real Estate was once considered a seasonal market, both in terms of tourism and Real Estate. Yet, with the massive paradigm shift that was 2020, we now see that South Florida homes are not only relatively insulated from economic forces that impact most of the country, but that demand is a year-round expectation. The market is still as hot as your car engine after a trip to the beach on a midsummer day. Similes aside, we provide you with four reasons why you should consider listing your home or condo this summer! Read on to learn more as we strive to keep you informed on both current events and market forces that may change your mind about where you’ll hang your hat this Autumn.

high demand

High Demand

Summer is the norm for us, but for northerners who represent the lion’s share of relocation cases, summer is the cessation of gridlock. Elderly clients are more likely to visit, school is out so families are mobile, parents are seeking out new condo options and rental opportunities for their young collegians, and there are few significant holidays to work around. For all these reasons, summer is when...

The Most Pet Friendly Boca Raton Neighborhoods | Boca Raton Real Estate

the most pet friendly boca raton neighborhoods

"Pet Friendly" can mean many things, but for our best definition, we perceive a pet-friendly neighborhood as one with a combination of qualifying factors. These include pet-friendly policies, clean walking trails, low traffic, safe crossings, and crisp, open-air spaces. While there are many more than these five pet-friendly neighborhoods in Boca Raton, we had to limit our list to just these superb selections. For more about these developments and the prospects, challenges, and expectations when moving your pet to Boca Raton, learn about these lovely homes and see where your pawprint will be made!

boca west country club front entrance

Boca West

Based on sheer size alone, the enormous Boca West is one of the preeminent locations to enjoy life, especially with your four-legged friends. Voted one of the top country clubs in the entire country, Boca West sits on a massive space in Central Boca, featuring dozens of subdivisions and housing options to choose from. It's this versatility that allows Boca West residents to carve out their future, without the stark limitations and close confines of certain master-planned communities. Boca West features an enormity of amenities, shimmering waterways, and shady walking paths that provide ample space for you and your pup to explore. As a plus, there are numerous nearby highly rated veterinarians and ...

Real Estate Startup Expenses: What Costs Can New Agents Expect?

what expenses can new realtors expect?

Becoming a real estate agent can offer unprecedented professional freedom and prosperity, but it is important to consider the expenses associated with getting the ball rolling. While no two brokerages are identical, there are common fees and expected expenses that are usually essential to the startup process. A key benefit of working with Champagne & Parisi is the lack of fees and costs associated with equipment, office space, and even in-house marketing services. For most new Realtors, however, these costs can be unilaterally expected, especially when working with a fee-based brokerage. Here are a few common real estate startup expenses new agents can expect when launching their careers.

licensing and education fees

Licensing and Education Fees

This is universal. Every Realtor needs to be educated and officially licensed before facilitating a real estate transaction. This requires a review of ethics, best practices, legal concerns, and any state & local considerations as part of a broader and ongoing educational process. The licensing exams can become quite pricey, which is part of why pre-licensing courses and seminars are a significant component of startup costs for Realtors. Testing can cost up to a thousand...

April Fools Boca Raton! | 5 Preventable Mistakes Home Buyers & Sellers Make

april fools blog boca raton

Happy April Fools Day! As much as we're tempted to go into hiding to avoid the practical jokers in our midst, the Boca Raton Real Estate market and our clients remain stoic in the wake of such a wacky holiday. In sticking with the theme, and as the only major non-denominational holiday in the month of April, we're writing about five of the most significant mistakes, misunderstandings, and challenges home buyers and home sellers make. If you're guilty, don't worry, we're not branding you a "fool" by any means. As a matter of fact, even great Realtors are guilty as charged, but as professionals, it's also our job to point out and rectify mistakes made along the way. To celebrate April Fool's Day, here are five of the most common Real Estate mistakes we've seen made both recently, and across time.

high prices for homes

Your Listing Price Is Too High

Oftentimes Realtors are tasked with educating their clients on the ways the current economic climate impacts their listing. "The market," or how it is discussed at large in the media, around our water coolers, and at our favorite bars may have some congruencies with your current situation, but there may be stark differences as...

Easter Events In Boca Raton | Boca Raton Easter Sunday 2023

easter events in boca raton 2023

It's another (y)ear in Boca Raton and for many, a time of reflection as they approach the holiest day of their faith. Yet, for all of us, it's another opportunity to enjoy decadent brunches, pastel-flecked eggs, and springtime fun. Easter may be a religious holiday, but much like Christmas, or the once-paganistic Halloween, we're more than content with our interpretation of the thematic fun that Easter brings. As a harbinger of springtime and as part of a diverse community, Easter festivities are hardly exclusive to anyone. For the best of Easter Events in Boca Raton, read on and see below!

easter at the addison 2023

Easter Brunch at the Addison

The Addison seems to always find its way atop our holiday lists, especially those with built-in brunch components, like Easter or New Year's. This fine hotel named for the famous Addison Mizner is renowned for its classy cocktail hours, romantic dining space, and...

Boca Raton Real Estate Budgeting | What Does A $1 Million Budget Get You Across America

what can $1 million get you?

As Realtors, we always love playing the "what if" scenarios in our minds. We believe a good Realtor sees a home for both its potential through imagination and the practical economics behind it. A Realtor should be as good at envisioning your desires and taking them from paper to reality, as they are in executing an efficient and ethical transaction. One enjoyable thought exercise is to see what an imaginary budget would afford in a selection of different cities and states. With home prices rising in South Florida, and our relative insulation from the very worst of the post-lockdown economic fallout, $1 million might not go as far as you think. Without further ado, here is a selection of metro areas, and a sample of what 1 million dollars can buy in each region.

Please Note: Real Estate is a dynamic and always-changing industry. Numbers, values, and percentages will not always hold and trends may heavily impact the veracity and currentness of this information over time. 

.aerial view of one thousand ocean

Boca Raton, FL

We begin with the idyllic Boca Raton, Florida. Part tropical paradise, part glamor destination. Imagine the glamor of LA and New York without the numerous disadvantages by way of taxes, traffic, and public safety. Boca Raton is the nexus of Champagne & Parisi's legacy and a city we are proud to call home.

What can you afford with a $1 Million Budget In the Boca Raton Real Estate Market? 

  • A 3-4 bedroom single-family home in a West Boca Raton gated community.
  • A smaller-sized luxury condo in the downtown or waterfront...

The Ultimate Guide To Home Tile Types | Boca Raton Real Estate

the ultimate guide to home tile types

When combined with the wear and tear of the heat and humidity, Boca Raton's Mediterranean Revivalist architecture has given us the preeminent canvas for tile work. Flooring options like hardwood are often poor long-term solutions thanks to our subtropical climate. Beginning with Addison Mizner, tilework has long been infused as part of our cultural expression and nowhere is that truer than the many works of interior and exterior mastery in Boca Raton. For our Ultimate Guide to Home Tile, we researched every kind of tile we could find, listed them all out below, and describe the good and bad behind each. While we don't claim to be contractors, we know a thing or two about homes and are confident in delivering you the best information in The Ultimate Guide to Home Tile Types.

ceramic tile


Ceramic Tiles are an affordable and durable solution for residences in the Boca Raton area. These often grouted tiles are easy to clean, come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and finishes, and are relatively low-cost and easy to acquire. On the negative side, ceramic has a higher potential to sustain cracks, and is generally more difficult to self-install as an untrained professional. In addition, the hardness and insulation can leave ceramic tiles cold to the touch and wear down the feet if standing too long. However, these remain among the most popular tiles...

St. Patrick's Day Events In The Boca Raton Area | St. Patty's Day Near Me

st patricks day in boca raton 2023

Welcome back to our annual roundup of exciting holiday events in the Boca Raton area & beyond! Unfortunately, the longtime Mizner Park mainstay: The Dubliner, is no more. Thus, it is incumbent on us in the Boca Raton Real Estate blog to account for the diaspora of partygoers as the big day looms on the near horizon. Through these 5 events, we give you everything from arts & crafts to cheers & beers, things for the kids and the not-so-young, and a little more for the young at heart. Enjoy this jovial celebration of all things Irish right here in our backyard! Read on to learn more about the litany of excitement that lies ahead for this year's St. Patrick's Day events in Boca Raton (and beyond)!

green bar on rustic wooden table

St. Patrick's Day Specials At Max's Grille - Boca Raton

We can always depend on Max's Grille at the heart of Mizner Park for the best in seasonal cuisine and cocktails. A significant contender for one of Boca Raton's very finest restaurants, Max's has a seasonal offering for every holiday and has been mentioned many times in our Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day blogs to name just a few. The culinary artists at Max's have spun a slightly modern twist on classic Irish flavors, with the loaded potato...

Boca Raton Super Bowl Events | Where To Enjoy Super Bowl Sunday Near You

2023 super bowl events around boca raton

Super Bowl Sunday is upon us! The Champagne & Parisi blog proudly presents a quick and digestible roundup of Super Bowl Parties, events, and some of the hottest spots to enjoy the big game through Boca Raton and the surrounding area. Whether pulling for the Chiefs or the Eagles, we're sure you'll enjoy the journey, if not the outcome by taking in the big game at these fine options.

super bowl at prosperity brewers

Super Bowl Watch Party At Prosperity Brewers

Prosperity Brewers is one of only a few craft breweries in Boca Raton proper. As Florida's craft beer and taproom ecosystem explodes in presence, Prosperity Brewers has cemented its presence as a mainstay in South Florida. We're certain the Super Bowl watch party at their warm and inviting taproom is sure to be a hit. With their finest selections at the ready and a delectable bar menu, we don't see why anyone should overthink their Super Bowl plans. Craft beer, small bites, and big-screen TVs - what more could we ask for?

hurricane bar and lounge delray beach

Hurricane Bar & Lounge - Delray Beach

  • Note:...

Valentines Day Events In Boca Raton | Valentines Day Events Near Me

valentines day in boca raton 2023

It's that time of year! And no matter who you spend your Valentine's Day with, there's something fun to do for everyone. We searched the city and the space beyond to find a selection of Valentine's Events that should suit just about everyone - from the very single to the super-romantic. Without anything further, learn where the best spots, events, and reservations are around town for you and your special someone, even if that someone is you!

Before going further, while we're at it, is your family bound to grow this Valentine's Day? Browse our Single Family Homes page to learn more about what you might need to accommodate your growing world and blossoming romance!

Valentines Day at the Addison

Valentine's Day At The Addison

  • Where:  The Addison Hotel - 2 E. Camino Real, Boca Raton, FL 
  • When: February 14th. 6:30 PM

The Addison Hotel always finds a place on our holiday lists - especially when romance is involved. This "picturesque"...

The 36th Annual Boca Raton Museum Art Festival | Get The Details Here

boca raton art museum festival 2023

The Boca Raton Museum of Art is one of the preeminent fixtures among our annual slate of public events. For seven decades, the museum has served our community as the ultimate centrifuge of arts & culture, hosting clinics, exhibits, and its own art school. Combining a global reach with a local focus, the Boca Raton Museum of Art is a pillar of our creative force and our growth as an artistic community. Without the centuries of colonial-era artwork that preceded much of Florida's current landscape, much of "Floridian" art has been inspired by local flora and fauna and manifested in the 20th century through today.

Beginning with Addizon Mizner's development of what is now downtown Boca - home to magnificent condos like 200 East, Alina Residences, and more, Boca Raton has grown to become a cultural hotspot in one of the younger states on the Eastern Seaboard. The Boca Raton Museum Art Festival is a celebration of our artistic community and the many works that have graced these halls in years past. Without further ado, learn more about the 36th Annual Boca Raton Museum Art Festival, what's expected, and why you should check it out!


Where & When?


A Complete Guide For New Residents Of Boca Raton | Where To Start On Day 1

day 1 guide for new residents of boca raton

Alright! You've made it. The car is here, the boxes are coming off the truck, and you hold the keys to your beautiful Boca Raton home. Congratulations! Now what? We help you unfurl your banner and begin your new life as a Boca Raton resident, starting with these helpful tips to acquaint yourself with our town. From the second your feet hit the ground to the first day of school, here are a few important considerations to go through step-by-step so you can land softly and live well.


Knowing Your Surroundings

Boca Raton has 9 zip codes, and like many South Florida communities, is organized around a few unifying landmarks. The first, and most important is the Atlantic Coastline. Similarly to most cities in the United States, affluence and luxury tend to huddle near the coastlines. East Boca Raton can largely be considered territory east of Dixie Highway, and downtown Boca. Downtown Boca Raton occupies the southeast corner of the city limits, noted by its historic buildings such as Old City Hall, which now serves as the Schmidt Boca Raton History Museum. Furthermore, downtown is noted by the presence of mid and high-rise condos, high-end restaurants, and the numerous drawbridge that line...

A Gluten Free Guide To Boca Raton

a gluten free guide to boca raton

We're not sure how we looked past this one for so long. With culinary and lifestyle blogs featuring everything from Middle Eastern, Smoothies, and even food terminology, it is high time to share the best gluten-free options in Boca Raton with our readers. Gluten-free food, once seen as a niche, needs-based product provided to those suffering from gastrointestinal conditions has entered the mainstream. The overall impact of gluten on even those with no underlying issues is a frequent discussion among nutritionists and dieticians. Whether you're treating Celiac disease or simply looking to reduce grains in your diet, look no further than these Boca Raton gluten-free options for your next meal.

saquella cafe

Saquella Cafe

The quaint and ever-popular Saquella Cafe is an Italian-style espresso-forward bistro in a delightful location at Royal Palm Place. Offering everything from burgers and sandwiches...

2023 New Years Resolutions We All Can Benefit From

5 new years resolutions for 2023

Real Estate is a career that requires knowledge, savvy, and superb communication skills. However, there are few traits of a successful Realtor more important than drive, motivation, and desire. The New Year is not the only time to make changes to bad habits and amplify good ones, but it's a better time than never. As we look ahead to the next year of our lives as people, not just as professionals, we list some of the New Years' Resolutions fit for anyone seeking just whatever it is that moves them.

practice mindfulness

Practice Mindfulness & Gratitude

Between the expectations of our daily lives and the eternal stimuli from our screens, it's easy to lose track of the moment. So many of us (your author, admittedly included) spend too much time lamenting the past and fearing the future, wasting precious moments and energy on things we cannot help or change. Gratitude for what we have today ensures our past regrets remain just that, in the past, and ensures we have confidence going forward that we can weather whatever storm rises tomorrow. It is often our presence in the moment that optimizes our future. Mindfulness & gratitude take many forms, be it meditation, journaling, or simply stopping to breathe on a rigorous day. Find out what works for you and live for today!


2022 Boca Raton Holiday Boat Parade | Everything You Need To Know

the 48th annual boca raton holiday boat parade

It's that time again! The Boca Raton Holiday Boat Parade is among the very favorite activities for residents and visitors. For the boat owners, this is the opportunity to showcase their craft and pride in ownership, festooning their boats in a myriad of festive lights, decorations, and visual effects. There's just something special about a parade over water, especially here in South Florida. Even for such a devoted boating community, the Boca Raton Holiday Boat Parade stands out as one of the pinnacle events to whirl their props and deck their sails (if they have them). For the rest of us, read on to learn where you can park, sit, and enjoy the show!

When is the Holiday Boat Parade?

The 48th Annual Boca Raton Holiday Boat Parade will take place from 6:30 to 8:30 PM on Saturday, December 17th 2022. It is highly recommended to arrive early and prepared to secure the best spot for you and your guests.

Where Is The Parade Route? 

The Parade Route begins at the C-15 Canal and ends beyond the bridge at Hillsboro Blvd. The C-15 Canal is located between Congress Ave. and the Intracoastal, passing due south of Pelican Harbor at the edge of the Delray Beach - Highland Beach border. From here, the parade is predominantly marked by three drawbridge openings that serve as timestamps for viewers to reference. For Intracoastal residents, the parade...

Boca Raton New Years Brunch | Where To Celebrate New Years Day In Boca Raton

boca raton new years brunch

New Years eve is less than a day in the past but you had a night to last a lifetime! When you're rising and shining, facing a brand new year, it's time to shake out the cobwebs and grab a mimosa. Our Boca Raton Real Estate blog gives you some of the finest places to enjoy New Year's brunch in Boca Raton. Read on to find your reservations!

two sparkling pink mimosas

The Breakers

Since 1926, The Breakers has stood tall as one of the earliest, and yet still foremost expressions of luxury living in Palm Beach County. This elegant hotel features a Sunday breakfast fit for royalty, with a full raw bar, craft cocktails, and mimosas. The Circle, a dining experience known for old-world elegance, is an architectural marvel featuring renaissance artwork before a backdrop of the beautiful Palm Beaches. A la carte is always an option, but with so much in front of you via their spectacular breakfast buffet, you'd be hard pressed to stay seated for long! Luckily for us, New Year's Day falls on a Sunday. If you're in the market for the best of Boca and beyond, look no further than this luxury landmark of South Florida.

delectable array of brunch foods on rustic table


Holiday Events In Boca Raton | Where To Enjoy Christmas Lights and Holiday Parties Near Me

boca raton holiday events near me

Our Christmas Lights and Holiday Events blog last year was so popular, there was no way we were going to leave you hanging! In keeping with our unyielding efforts to keep Boca Raton residents and holiday visitors informed, we're ready to unveil our selection of some of the most popular and beloved holiday events around Boca. These include everything Christmas Lights, family festivals, upscale fine dining, and vibrant nightlife across the county. Start scrolling, clicking, and finding where you can turn up the lights this holiday season!

boca raton holiday street parade

Boca Raton Holiday Street Parade

  • When: Wednesday December 7th, 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Where: Parking can be found at City Hall, The Downtown Library, or Building Administration

The December Festivities get off to a roaring start as more than 70 floats whirl their wheels to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of our holiday street parade. In light of the 1972 inception, the theme of the season is "Groovy 70s," with what's sure to be a colorful theme. We expect the 70s theme to bring out the best of our local creatives for a riveting spectacle and a celebration of our community.

fau tuba christmas...

Boca Raton Thanksgiving | Giving Thanks From Champagne & Parisi

boca raton thanksgiving gratitude 2022

The Champagne & Parisi Real Estate team took a moment out of our busy schedule to give thanks to our colleagues, clients, and many more who made our goals and dreams possible! From safety to serenity, from upper class to continuing education, we give thanks. Have a blessed & beautiful day!

our 2022 clients

Our Clients

First and foremost, we don't exist without our clients! Without our community and people abroad visiting our websites, calling our Realtors, and getting to work, we wouldn't have a blog to give thanks from. We proudly served clients from across the world from multiple continents, repeat clients looking for new opportunities, and newcomers through both organic home searches and referrals. Many of our clients have become lifelong friends of our Realtors, further reinforcing the dedication and personality we have as individuals, and not just as professionals.

champagne & parisi teammates

Our Teammates

Whether it was teaming up on a massive deal or simply lending an ear to give some helpful advice, we have some of the most cooperative, mutually vested Realtors on the planet! Our team are at each other's sides from every side of the deal, lending the expertise that is drawn from a vast...

2022 New Years Eve Events And Parties In Boca Raton, FL

boca raton new years 2022

We found five of the most choice Boca Raton New Years events, incorporating the surrounding area to expand your horizons. From upscale to downtown, from sit down to stand up, we gather and bring you some of the very best New Years Parties in Boca Raton! Enjoy after-midnight breakfast buffers, 4-course steak dinners, dancing, DJ's, and one final special moment to cap off a wonderful year. Without further ado, read on to learn more and find where you're going to be when the ball drops! 

new years graphic with fireworks and a ticking clock

Gold Rush New Years' Eve 2023

  • When: Saturday, December 31st 2022. 8:00 PM 
  • Where: The Addison - 2 East Camino Real. Boca Raton, FL 33432
  • Cost: $495/ticket

The Addison, named for Addison Mizner, the aesthetic founding father of Boca Raton, is one of the foremost names on everyone's mind when thinking of an elegant place to spend the evening. Featuring their award-winning cuisine, delectable cocktails and an environment fit for royalty, The Addison will always find a place on our list when discussing holiday events. Beyond the craft cocktails and 4-course seated meal, hors oeuvres will be encircling the dance floor via their waitstaff while live music keeps things electric from one year to the next.