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6 ways to stand out as a realtor

Realty can be a crowded profession! Over the years, Champagne & Parisi Agents have carved out a lasting impact in our community through every new client and transaction. We're proud of the relationships we've built and the deals we've made, so when it came time to ask some of our very best about what it took for them to stand out, we came up with this shortlist (among many traits) that have made our team so special over the years.

find your niche

Find A Niche, But Don't Stick To It

Everyone has an angle and a way to connect with clients - whether it be multilingualism, a property-type specialist, or even an age bracket you're comfortable with. Having your "wheelhouse" is intrinsic to developing repeat business. In the case of our international Realtors, their multilingual nature and familiarity with the immigrant journey have put them in pole position to help others walking in their path. Some Realtors are commercial specialists, others work on the beach, and beyond. It's important to find what you're best at, but don't live and die by your bread and butter. 

social media

Utilize Social Media

There are two primary ways a brokerage like Champagne & Parisi can compete with local brokerages that are five times its size: superior client service, and the embrasure of modern technology. Without the digital apparatus employed by C&P, our brokerage would struggle to compete under the sheer volume of Realtors vying for your business. Aside from our outstanding and dedicated team, our skill in digital media, namely social has been intrinsic to our overall success. Despite Realty being a "ground and pound" type of business that relies heavily on old-school marketing, those who are quick to work through social media will reap the rewards before it's too late.

follow up with clients

Stay In Touch, Follow Up With Past Clients

As Director of Marketing, If there's one thing I clamor for every day it's "review cultivation." The ultimate means to generate new business is through referrals, or online, through reviews. For instance, there is no stronger endorsement of a Realtor, product, or business than the recommendation from a trusted friend or relative. When one isn't available, we turn to "the mob." This safety in numbers ideal recognizes the veracity in volume - or the notion that 50 reviews from strangers should carry the weight of one review from a good friend. The larger the quantity, the less likely for bias and personal opinion to impact the overall review of a Realtor. Keeping a relationship with past clients is fundamental to gaining both reviews and recommendations.

be polite and honest

Be polite, but be honest

Another major aspect I preach to Realtors is to recognize the sheer magnitude of the transaction they are facilitating. Aside from a marriage, the birth of a child, or the death of a relative, there are few things in life more taxing and commitment-oriented than homeownership and a mortgage. As a Realtor, you are responsible for delivering the clearest picture possible that is reticent of both the circumstances of the client and the transaction on the table. By withholding polite honesty, you may lead your client into a bad position. As they say: the road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

automation tools

Utilize Auto-Response and other communication automation

The image of the frenzied Realtor comes to mind with this helpful tip. Papers everywhere, coffee stains, phones ringing off the hook, late nights, early mornings, and aggravated clientele. In comes automation! The small waypoints of communication such as out-of-office replies, Facebook messages, and even proactive email marketing can go a long way in keeping your name relevant and your clients on the right track.


Give the Gift of Optimism

Homebuying in any market can be a challenge to the mental health of anyone, and that's before the moving trucks even arrive. As a facilitator of such an important transaction, it's important to know that your attitude is magnetic and will often govern the mood of the buyer regardless of the news they receive. You are the leader in the transaction. Nobody feels easy about a pessimistic surgeon, or an unconfident pilot, and though the potential failures in those examples are more personally dire, the importance of your attitude and the way you speak with your clients should be a stabilizing force, not a cause for concern.

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