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5 tips for boca raton home decor

Boca Raton homes are well-renowned for their Mediterranean-style charm. It's hard not to imagine why; our exotic vibe has made South Florida a popular tourist destination, allowing visitors to partake in the beautiful allure of the Florida lifestyle. Though Boca tends to lean toward the upper echelon of societal lifestyles, its luxury exterior is not impervious to wholesomeness. Often times we all fall into the trap of having cabin fever after a workweek full of stress but making your Boca Raton home the ultimate getaway is a useful way to enjoy downtime at your pad. One primary reason that so many folks choose to leave their homes for more fun atmosphere is simply because of the decor. You won't need a degree in interior decorating to transform your home into paradise. With these simple tips, adding your own flair will be a cinch.

Utilize Light/Pastel Colors

pastel colored wood panels

Obviously, the first thing anyone thinks of when they think of the Sunshine State is the beach. The beach is what draws in millions of visitors a year from all over the world. In order to make your Boca home the ultimate getaway, why not bring the beach to you? A popular motif for most homes in Boca is the classic white wall with some pastel color thrown in for good measure. Florida by nature is very sunny, vibrant, and introducing lighter colors into your home will evoke the same feeling of an afternoon on the beach, or a nice, relaxing brunch by the sea. Pastel colors are also a very fun way to add a pop of color without weighing down the vibe. In particular, South Florida is known for its pastel colors, popularized by the hit-show Miami Vice.

Florida Style Accents

florida style beach decor on table

Along with Boca homes, many swanky spots along the A1A highway stretching from north to south have an iconic approach to living here in Boca. It's not uncommon to catch many of the homes along the coast sporting tasteful, yet simple, beachy accents. Adding a fun beach sign, some seashell hangings, or some carved avian variants on your walls can be exactly what you need to make things a vacation within a home. Homegoods, Michael's, and other art retailers in the area have a plethora of different wall accents to accommodate your needs. If you're looking for something a little more exotic that is not in your local retailer, shops in downtown Boca give plenty of fun ideas to add to your home. Giving the impression of a relaxed vibe to your guests will make them never want to leave, or you!

Keep It Shady

beautiful large shade tree

The Florida sun is definitely a beast during the warmer months. When the summer is in full force, many residents prefer to stay indoors despite the beautiful weather; however, it doesn't have to be that way. Bamboo blinds or some Polynesian style curtains are the perfect accents. Many Boca residents have an array of windows on all sides of their home, allowing the sun to beam down during peak hours. Generic blinds will make anyone desperate to get outside, but with the right decor, your Boca home will be the ultimate getaway. 

Florida That Furniture

florida outdoor couch

Beach-themed coaches, pillows, blankets, towels, etc. can give you exactly the vibe you want. Baer's here in Boca is one of the top-selling furniture outlets that allow locals to access the best of the island vibe. From wide ranges of bright, pastel colors, selecting a couch will not be a headache. Adding a loveseat with some soft seashells or sunset themes can make you feel you're right in the middle of Aruba. Avoid matching your furniture with the wall decor, as repeating patterns can become tiresome and overwhelming. Stripes, palm trees, and nautical themes are also popular choices to add. 

Driftwood Needs Your Home

pale driftwood used in decor

Oh, driftwood, ever floating atop the ocean's surface and becoming an infamous means of respite to unlucky seafarers. Being a "castaway" en route to that exotic, tropical island doesn't have to be dire. In fact, adding driftwood to your home can be a resourceful tip to the ultimate getaway home. Its natural, winding appearance highly contrasts the usual setup seen in most living rooms. Its myriad of uses will allow you to fashion the most unique table or dining table out of this throwaway piece of wood. Adding any natural wood native to the area is a very lovely way to make you feel like you're lying on the beach, in a hammock, surrounded by beautiful palms, nature, and rare fauna. 

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