5 Things To Consider When Moving To Boca Raton

5 things to consider when moving to boca

Compared to almost anywhere in the world, Boca Raton homeownership is like having your little slice of paradise. Much like other tropical climes of the world, there are many things to consider when relocating your family to Boca Raton. This includes much more than choosing the right home and schools. We know you have enough on your hands already, so we've made a quick list of 5 things to consider when moving to Boca Raton. Check them out below! 

It's not the heat, it's the humidity

condensation on glass

This is more than one of our favorite Dad-expressions. It's the absolute truth, and it's something few are prepared to encounter as part of their daily lives. While people moving from the Northeast have a bit easier time applying the heat to the existing east coast humidity found up the national coastline, it's the westerners that struggle to adapt. The biggest difference is, of course, the excessive humidity. If one could compare a massive Californian heatwave as standing in front of a recently opened oven, our Florida heat is like tossing a hot, damp blanket over us. It's stifling, but you're adaptable!

Upgrade Your Windows

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Windows are one of the most important decisions any homeowner and homebuilder have to account for, but in Florida, it makes much more of a difference than in many states. Some more temperate states have no problem with cracked windows, but our windows rarely stay open. Insects, humidity, and power-bill-shattering heat can all creep their way into your home with even the slightest leak in your windows. Having shatterproof, impact windows that are well-sealed account for the intrusion of heat and the dangers posed by high-impact hurricanes.

Watch Your Wood Floors

woodgrain flooring

Wood warps when exposed to moisture. Many Boca Raton homeowners have learned this the hard way. It may take years, but having a genuine hardwood floor gives the humidity the space to do its work. Skip the hassle and try a ceramic woodgrain style flooring, travertine tile, or another medium to line your interior with.

Do not feed the alligators

alligator on shore with open mouth

We hear too many stories of newcomers and locals alike feeding our prehistoric neighbors. Feeding or tampering with the natural patterns of most wildlife is heavily frowned upon, but with alligators, it can be deadly. Feeding alligators normalizes their expectations for food and over time their fear of humans subsides. Far too often alligator attacks occur after the particular specimen has been fed several times. Simply put, leave them alone. Do not feed them!

Invest In Great Landscaping

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Like impact windows, great landscaping performs a few essential duties for your Boca home. Firstly, your choice of flora can improve the value of your home. With our subtropical climate, flowers, fruits, and vines that grow exclusively in Florida set our landscaping apart from the entire rest of the country. Your choices of plants might not only feed you, but provide the shade in front of those windows to keep your interior cool, and your bills down.

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