5 Resilient Summer Plants To Landscape Your Boca Home

5 resilient midsummer plants

The sun is hot and the temperature is rising. If you’re a Boca Raton native, then you’ve probably had your fair share of intense heat. The months of late July and August are no stranger to those conditions. Floridians, by nature, are a resilient bunch—but what about our gardens? The proverbial thorn in the side for any gardener with a green thumb is watching those roses and peonies wilt. There is nothing more demoralizing than seeing your hard work perish.

Luckily, there are an array of different shrubs, flowers, and fauna sure to sustain even in the hottest conditions. Midsummer may be scorching us all right now, but these plants will surprise even the most skeptical gardener.

Gerbera Daisy

gerbera daisy

You’ve probably seen these cheerful flowers littered in the many Publix’s floral departments. There’s a reason for it, though, and here’s why. These beauties have a lifespan of up to a week or more in a vase. Have you ever wondered why they are a common ‘filler’ in a boutique arrangement? Well, their beauty is a given, but the fact that these daisies can withstand intense conditions is a favorite among most. Trimming away wilted gerberas is recommended—as trimming promotes new buds to grow faster.


sunflower patch

Ah, the most well-known flower next to the rose. These flowers are commonly associated with the sun due to their “following” tilt toward the sun’s rays. Sunflowers are called this name for a reason, and they're probably aren’t a better midsummer flower than this one. Their drought-resistant nature allows them to flourish in dry, hot conditions, and enjoy intense sunlight. It’s important to consider their height, though, as sunflowers can grow to extremely tall lengths. Ensuring your sunflowers are anchored into the ground at a suitable depth will make your plants happy and healthy.



You don’t have to be a flower expert to identify these common blooms! Zinnia is arguably the most common household and non-household plant available. Their resiliency to almost any condition makes them a popular choice among folks. Zinnia, when cut, produces more blooms at an extremely rapid rate. The more you cut—the more grow—making them ideal for anyone wanting to brighten up a garden during midsummer!


hibiscus flower

Commonly associated with Hawaii or any Polynesian aesthetic, the hibiscus is built for hot, humid conditions. Its association with these types of climates is correct in the display, and these gorgeous flowers hardly need maintenance. Their attraction to the sunlight keeps them happy almost all year round. Past midsummer, gardeners can situate them according to the sun. Their tropical vibe allows anyone to enjoy the feeling of a vacation getaway. Here in Florida, what better flower to represent our state than such?

Lily of the Nile

lily of the nile

Otherwise known by its scientific name Agapanthus, the Lily of the Nile carries not only a rarer, bluish hue but a trumpet-like shape. In addition to their musical personality, these plants are easy to maintain and can withstand the hottest of summers. Common along fences, driveways, and sidewalks, the Lily of the Nile can add a unique touch to your yard or garden.

Choosing any of the above will ensure you are midsummer-ready, and easily absolve additional stress. With proper maintenance, of course, you can be sure to enjoy the fruits of your labor, and wow your neighbors into the coming fall months!

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