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When we think of Boca Raton, one of the first things that pop into our heads is palm trees, beach, the ritzy lifestyle of the rich, and many gated communities. While these are common tropes, they're not necessarily wrong! Boca Raton is arguably one of the most expensive places in the nation to live, but for every gated community, there's a suburban alternative that's more affordable for the family. 

If you look between the playgrounds of the rich, you'll find suburban neighborhoods that are picturesque paintings of safety, uniformity, and tranquility. There are many misconceptions about HOA; while they are not exactly for everyone, we are going to list some of the reasons why a Boca HOA may be for you. 

Property Value Increases

property value increasing

Yes, sometimes an HOA's strict rules and regulations are tough, but did you know that there is a reason for it? Pressure washing those driveways once a month will contribute to a long-term effect. One of the reasons why so many Homeowners’ Associations apply these rules is for the property value of your home. 

Proper care and attention to the exterior details of your home and yard will certainly attract home buyers. Upholding these rules will also prevent future maintenance on your home, further keeping you from expensive costs and stressful situations. Upkeep on your home can sometimes be stressful, but if you are planning on selling your Boca home, you can guarantee you will receive top-dollar for your home!

Amenities Are Always Available

amenities available

How many times have your kids bothered you about a pool or a playground? The answer to that question is probably a lot, which is why an HOA neighborhood may be ideal for you. 

Tennis courts, playgrounds, pools, gyms, and clubhouse breakfasts, lunches, and gatherings are some of the many pluses of moving into a Homeowner's Association neighborhood. Your dollars are going towards the many lavish benefits of living in one of these neighborhoods--preventing you from having to make a drive to the beach or local YMCA. Many HOA neighborhoods in Boca Raton offer a wide range of these amenities, and at no cost to you. This means they are always available and open seven days a week. 

Your Voice Is Valued

valuing your voice

Have you ever had a noisy neighbor that keeps you up when you have to work in the morning? We all have, and we all know how extremely frustrating it is dealing with it. Sometimes, we feel that our voices are never heard when addressing the issue at hand, and other times we seek to avoid confrontation altogether. 

With an HOA, you don't need to worry about that. HOA offices are open to the community for exactly that. Have a complaint and you don't necessarily want to start conflict? An HOA will be there to help. Your voice is valued in the community, and for that reason, many homeowner's associations are actively seeking members of their community to serve on their board. This allows you the opportunity to stay up-to-date with everything going on within, and it can even help make better decisions for the greater good of the community as a whole!

Added Security and Protection

male and female uniformed security guards

Gated communities are almost always perceived as affluent and lavish. Well, sometimes they can be, but there is a reason for the privacy behind the bars and gates. 

HOA's core values are protecting its inhabitants to the best of their abilities. With the benefit of seclusion, there is also the benefit of security--quite literally! A multitude of Homeowner communities here in Boca has around-the-clock security. Whether it is a police car patrolling for suspicious activity, or the facilities' security--you can be sure to have the security in knowing you and your family is safe. 



Another common theme of most Boca HOA's is the consistency in terms of the layout of the homes, clean walkways, and uniform look. 

It's no secret that life outside an association is without any rules. That can be great for some people looking to march to the beat of their own drum, but for others, consistency is a must. With HOAs always on the move to ensure all their tenants comply with the prompt, clean procedure of their home, you never have to deal with the headache of a neighbor behaving unruly!

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