5 Of the Most Popular Home Decor Trends In 2023

popular boca raton home design trends in 2023

Home exteriors are a style all of their own. Like home interiors, or the clothing we wear, even the natural world has trends. While we don't have the same breadth of design freedom in a less controllable environment like nature itself, there are still many ways we can tailor both our home interior, exterior, and the natural world around it to our liking. These home design trends represent a broader national example but are also acutely found here around many beautiful Boca Raton homes. We've observed and researched online and in-person, the latest direction home designers have taken their products. Our list is hardly comprehensive but represents some of the most significant and popular home decor trends for 2023. 

black and white interiors

Black and White 

We've made plenty of notes over the past years about the ascent of modern, contemporary decor after decades of Mizner-inspired Mediterranean Revivalism. Despite the beauty of the tans, beiges, and goldenrods that mark the walls, ceilings, and accents of these Boca Raton homes, many are choosing clean, crisp lines and simple palettes. Evidenced by communities like Lotus and Lotus Palm, home designers are now seeking black and white to define the home line by line, angle by angle. These crisp, colorless palettes of greys, whites, and blacks are common in bathrooms, and even main living areas like foyers, parlors, and family rooms. 

larger windows and more glass

More Glass

This is obvious after taking just a short stroll through any modernizing Boca Raton neighborhood. For years we've known of the benefits of allowing natural light into the home, especially when waking early for a healthy routine. With the advent of impact windows, the... impact on heating and cooling costs are lessened, allowing for more inflow of light without the concern to your power bill. Home buyers are now opting for towering rectangular glass windows across major areas of the home, and are reducing the areas blacked out by heavy curtains or other sun-obstructing window treatments.

earth toned room

Earth Tone Palettes

Sure, this may seem contradictory when mentioning more black and white in Boca Raton homes, but two things can be true at once. A common design motif among millennials is to blend the home with its natural surroundings. These motifs include the addition of more living fixtures, such as potted house plants and even living walls as seen in the popular Alina Residences. This also extends to the inclusion of live edge furniture, naturally colored vinyl-wood tiling, and brown, beige, and tan-topped tables and chairs.

clean sharp lines in interior

Clean, Sharp Lines

Much like black and white has entered the fore as a way to establish clear definition in significant points of the home, homeowners are looking for easily defined, crisp and clean lines across the home. Modern kitchens are especially noted for this, where gaudy hardware and splashy furniture is now often replaced with simplistic, modern options. These concessions to crispness hardly reduce the beauty and welcoming feel of previously warmer and more blended kitchens, and often allow for houseplants and tabletop artwork to steal the show.

sustainable cloth

Sustainable Materials

As more millennials join the ranks of homeowners, the appeal to sustainability is as present as ever. For modern luxury condos, a LEED Certification is as much a requirement as it is a badge of honor, no longer optional for the best-competing condo communities in Boca Raton. This extends to the choices homeowners make, such as the source of their furniture, the fabric they choose for linens and drapes, and the fixtures that power the home. 

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