2023 New Years Resolutions We All Can Benefit From

5 new years resolutions for 2023

Real Estate is a career that requires knowledge, savvy, and superb communication skills. However, there are few traits of a successful Realtor more important than drive, motivation, and desire. The New Year is not the only time to make changes to bad habits and amplify good ones, but it's a better time than never. As we look ahead to the next year of our lives as people, not just as professionals, we list some of the New Years' Resolutions fit for anyone seeking just whatever it is that moves them.

practice mindfulness

Practice Mindfulness & Gratitude

Between the expectations of our daily lives and the eternal stimuli from our screens, it's easy to lose track of the moment. So many of us (your author, admittedly included) spend too much time lamenting the past and fearing the future, wasting precious moments and energy on things we cannot help or change. Gratitude for what we have today ensures our past regrets remain just that, in the past, and ensures we have confidence going forward that we can weather whatever storm rises tomorrow. It is often our presence in the moment that optimizes our future. Mindfulness & gratitude take many forms, be it meditation, journaling, or simply stopping to breathe on a rigorous day. Find out what works for you and live for today!

declutter your life


Decluttering "your life" can mean many things. As adults, we are, or should be constantly self-auditing. Not to the point of self-critique turning to self-loathing, but in a way that keeps us reticent of how we spend our time and use our space. This could mean a genuine effort to clear a room, to designate office space, or to clear time wasters and bad habits that are cutting into our bottom line and best selves.

self care

Take Care Of Yourself First

The Self-Care revolution is here! What may have been once misconstrued as selfish is now redefined as self-care. There is absolutely nothing wrong with putting your needs first if the needs are so significant. After all, whatever goodwill, energy, and effort we put into the world is stymied when we are physically and mentally unavailable. This isn't to say that a whole, rounded and moral life is without sacrifice, struggle, and pain. A commitment to self-care is in fact, an acknowledgment of these unfortunate and irrevocable realities. We are often so caught up in the rat race that we believe every second has to be spent somewhere else, on someone else, often to the negligence of our own needs. Recognize the power of an hour, get that massage, and enjoy that beachy weekend or a glass of wine on a quiet evening. You're only as good as your health allows you, and every team is only as fast as its slowest player. Rather than giving ourselves away until we have nothing left, take a moment to refill your proverbial cup so you can keep being the "you" the world loves to see.

continuing education

Invest In Your Education

As Realtors, our greatest asset is our knowledge and education. Our intrapersonal skills and negotiation abilities are insufficient in the wake of faulty or outdated information. In an ever-shifting business climate affected at all levels of American life, it's crucial we stay on our toes and remain vigilant to the onset of new information that can change the entire dynamic of how we work with clients. Whatever it is you do, there are few ways to stand out and be the best at your craft without displaying the knowledge to affirm your expertise and the desire to seek it out. 

meet positive influences

Meet More Interesting And Positive Influences

In an ever-competitive world, even bearing the deepest knowledge and hardest work ethic isn't always enough. The old adage "it's not what you know, but who you know" is as true as its ever been. In Real Estate, our most powerful business creators are our referrals - those who have worked with us, trust us and believe in us enough to suggest our services to a loved one. Our professional engagements consistently give us the ability to display our knowledge, communicability, and work ethic, but its what occurs after this display of aptitude that often leads to our greatest successes. Networking also includes the removal or reduction of negative presences in our lives, which often leads to uncomfortable but crucial severances in maladaptive relationships that can open our lives up to new potential. When one door closes, another opens...

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