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boca raton flowers to plant

Florida is a tropical paradise. The sun, the palm trees, the beach, and the islander vibe allow many Boca natives the chance to experience the perfect staycation. While some of us enjoy going out and retreating to the beach for some R & R, others are comfortable enjoying relaxing at home. And what's not to enjoy? With many yards adorned with flowers and plants that are native to many countries in the Caribbean and Central/South America--it's no surprise that many of us take up the wonderful art of home gardening. Many folks with a green thumb understand the difficulties of growing plants and flowers in these tumultuous conditions. From the intense humidity and sun--to the constant thunderstorms that roll in from the west, gardens can take a beating, but these 5 flowers can improve your Boca Raton home garden. 

lantana flower


No, not the road located in Lake Worth, but a beautiful perennial of the verbena family. These shrubs can grow up to a maximum of 6 feet tall and make any garden pop. The array of colors these flowers produce ranges from reds, oranges, blues, and even multi-colored variants as the flower matures. Aside from its hardy exterior and favor of hot, humid climates, Lantana attracts a multitude of butterfly and bird varieties, making it popular for anyone here in Boca forming a butterfly garden. Fun fact: while being a nuisance in Australia and prompting some gardeners to remove it altogether, its removal can have negative impacts. Lantana's absence decreases biodiversity in certain bird populations that take refuge in its shrubbery. 

shooting star flower


A "festive" flower that does, in fact, resemble a star, the Shooting Star is the perfect flower to sustain our climate. Bearing a lavender or yellowish color, these flowers are a popular choice among people wanting to add a pop of color to their garden. Growing at a relatively shorter height, they flourish in wet, moist conditions. Shooting stars are common in marshes here in South Florida making it a perfect fit for our rainy/wet seasons. 

cats whiskers flower


Funky, tropical, and...feline? This unusual but fun flower bears white stamens that protrude from the apex of the bloom Cat's Whiskers are a favorite among gardeners looking to introduce something different. These flowers thrive particularly in full sun making it a good choice to have in your Boca garden. Since their white, neutral color pairs well with any colorful variant, they look best lower to the ground adding texture to fuller shrubbery. Adding a deeper layer of mulch will help these beauties retain moisture--reducing your watering duties. 

coneflower bud


The possibilities are endless with this diverse species. The coneflower is yet another flower that enjoys its time in the Florida sun. Their heat resistance leaves their blooms endless all summer long, and the droves of butterflies making their way to these lovelies make it a popular choice. Pink, yellow, white, red, orange and some multi-colors are some of the shades you can expect to see when adding these to your Boca garden. Easy to grow and not too particular about their soil variety, you can be sure to enjoy the full benefits of adding these to any flowers in your garden. Black-eyed Susans are commonly paired with Coneflowers due to both of them requiring little to no maintenance! 

fire brush plant


This Florida native certainly lives up to its name! The Firebush exhibits a fiery orange-red that gives it that name. Growing up to a whopping 10 feet tall, these will certainly be the star of the show. Being a Florida native, the Firebush can withstand tremendous amounts of heat and drought. The colors exuding from this giant are also frequented by butterflies and native birds in the area.

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