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In today's world, renovations can be an extremely costly project. With families looking to save money through couponing and rewards programs, folks can have access to savings at the touch of a phone or advertisement...But what about homes?

There are a ton of ideas online that allow virtually anyone to renovate a home, but what if you are doing the home renovation on a budget? The statement itself makes Boca Raton homeowners cringe, knowing that breaking out the tarp and busting down tile will be a financial nightmare. Let's face it--nobody wants to renovate, but in the event of moving or planning for a child, sometimes life tends to throw us a curveball. If you need some simple, DIY tips for your home--fear not, we have you covered. 

Re-Paint the Walls

repainting interior walls

Okay, so this is an obvious observation, but an idea that is in actuality very overlooked. Sometimes a simple change like color can be an automatic game-changer. 

Now, we know that some designer paints and higher-end brands can go up to an expensive $120 per can, but let's focus on simple color. An average can of flat, matte paint is around $30-$40, and can truly turn any vibe around in an instant. Even if you aren't fixated on painting your entire home, renovating your bathroom or even your living room can make a difference. Sometimes the simplest of solutions can be met with basic tasks! And, besides--it's a great opportunity for you and your partner to have some quality bonding time. 

Change the Curtains

tied back curtains in window

It may seem strange--but are you sure those curtains are giving your home the right amount of light?

Think about it: sunlight is packed with vitamin D, an essential vitamin that humans need, but sunlight is also important in our creation of serotonin. A common mistake of most homeowners is in investment in the wrong home accessories. Depending on where you live in the U.S. can help you correlate design. 

For example, if you live in Florida, you may opt for wooden blinds instead of bulky, cotton curtains. Some of the least inexpensive options range from around $42 to a steep $200, but even the simplest design can introduce more sunlight into your home, allowing your home to be full of light. If you're living in a colder climate with less sun, you may want to stick to a more traditional pull-string option--but these are subject to opinion. With that being said, even something as minute as such can make an impact on your home. 


edison lights in vintage interior

This could also circumnavigate back into the previous point, but lighting can be an extremely easy DIY way to renovate on a budget. 

Opening up that light bill every month makes your heart stuck in your throat. Not only is it a dreadful moment for your wallet, but it can leave you wondering why things are so expensive. Well, lighting is one of those things that can be cost-effective, but also amp up the style of your home. 

With a myriad of different fixtures available on the market--the possibilities are endless! With big-name companies like Amazon, you can virtually sift through pages of inexpensive, stylish lighting that sates your pallet. Even down to the tone of the lighting, some homeowners prefer a softer, warm appearance versus a more common fluorescent glow. And let's be honest, nobody likes their body under fluorescent lighting!


new travertine tile being laid

In addition to some of the points made previously, a floor can set the entire mood of your home. 

It's obvious that when a company comes, the first thing they notice is your perfectly inlaid wood floor, or your crisp, clean tile. But sometimes this is not the case, and your tile could use a little...tidying up! Opting for a good quality grout cleaner can give your entire floor a facelift. Dirty tile is very unsightly, and it can even denote your attention to detail is lacking. Have a carpet, no problem. Spending a weekend with a Rug Doctor cleaner may be a good decision to consider. Dirty carpets are not only privy to a slew of allergens, filth, and stains, but can also leave your home looking poor. Carpet maintenance will overall keep your spending low, and keep the stress of company to a minimum; best of all, your home will always have a fresh look to it!

Wall Art

wall art in home

Nobody likes a bare wall--well, unless you're a minimalist, but that's not the point! Bare walls in a home can be very drab and leave your home looking like a morgue. It's important to take some time and consider some stylish wall art that can make your home more inviting. You don't need to make your home look like the Smithsonian--on the contrary. Even checking out your local artists and the art they are selling can be a very cheap, effective approach to introducing your walls to some quality wall art. Also, it allows you the opportunity to support local and aid to a good cause. 

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