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It’s that time of year again. Your kids are dreading, counting the days. You’re probably counting the days, too, but ready to rock and roll! The first day of school is right around the corner. We hope you enjoyed the warm weather, the summer vacations, and family time, but we think that you’re ready to get your kids out of the living room and back in the classroom for a new school year. Here are 5 tips for your family to start the school year right!

Never Stop Preparing

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The new school year may seem ages away to a kid in June, but September arrives faster than they realize. One of the most important yet overlooked ways to start the school year right is to keep children academically engaged throughout the summer. Leisure and idle time can dull the skills and cloud knowledge that your children have been absorbing for the past 9 months. It’s extremely important to maintain some form of learning to keep their minds fresh and continue their education even in the summer months. Trips to museums and the reading list certainly help, as does structure. Maybe nothing so draconian as tests and pop quizzes, but flashcards and light practice of math and language will keep your children sharp and ready to start the year off without the pains of getting acclimated to learning again.

Mandate Homework Time

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With so much to do outside in our beautiful Boca Raton community, For the vast majority of students, the structure is paramount to better performance. When your little students come home from school, of course, they’ll need to relax and have a family meal. However, setting a scheduled time for homework is necessary when setting expectations and making sure that they complete their work on time. This could be their first foray into learning time management skills, so a parent has everything to gain by teaching their children early.

Talk to Your Kids

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Some Boca schools are small, some are massive. In the latter, it’s easy for a student to feel lost in the shuffle. Our town used to be a small community, but our population has ballooned in the last 25 years and classrooms of 30 are no longer the exception. While we have some of the most engaged teachers in America working in our classrooms, half of the work in education is done at home. Make sure that you find time to speak to your son or daughter each day, display interest in their subjects, know who their friends are, and make yourself not only their parents but their confidante as well.

Meet the Teachers

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If your child is young enough to have a homeroom, spend an extra few minutes in the morning or after school to meet their teacher. This doesn’t have to be on the first day of school, we understand that teachers may be spending most of their energy on getting the class-oriented. But making yourself seen and developing a rapport with your child’s teacher will allow you to get the inside scoop on the curriculum, your child’s progress, and invaluable insights into the education process that can translate to better at-home learning.

Feed Their Minds

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Research has proven that cognitive development in children has a foundation in a proper diet. Carbohydrate-rich foods may give them that burst of energy at recess but wane during learning. Healthy breakfasts and lunches rich in protein and vegetables will ward off fatigue during the day, allowing them to absorb their studies. Fatigue leads to frustration and your child could likely associate that with learning when in reality it starts with their gut.

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