4 Ways To Spot A Good Realtor

ways to spot a good realtor

It seems like there will always be an ample supply of real estate agents. Thanks to the booms of the 90s and the 2000s, more and more people have snagged licenses to help with a career change or augment their income from a normal day job. Even when the market is flush with inventory, there will always be more licensed agents than available rooms. You probably know a handful of real estate agents casually and outside the sphere of mailers, billboards, or referrals. But how does one know which real estate agent is the real deal? Here are 4 ways to spot a good real estate agent.

They Present Themselves Professionally

acting professionally

Putting romance aside, imagine that you’re on a date with your agent. Have they dressed appropriately? Can they keep a conversation going? Do they know what they are talking about? Are they self-aware and honest? Can they keep your interest? Is the dashboard of their car clear of a three-month build-up of fast-food packaging? If you can answer yes to all six of these questions, mazel tov, you’re off to a strong start!

They Are Knowledgeable

knowledgeable realtors

Good real estate agents will know their market like the back of their hands. They stay constantly informed of the local home buying trends, which neighborhoods have seen the highest rates of appreciation, if your immediate area is in danger of being rezoned, etc. They will also be able to explain local laws and tax codes in an unrushed and patient manner to the client.

They Come with a Reference

reference for realtors

Make sure that the reference comes from a reliable friend or family member that you trust. Check to make sure that they had a pleasant experience with little to no flubs on the part of the agent. Try to get the best idea of the agent’s work ethic and style and if you feel that they may be a good fit, pick up the phone. Having a reference is a boon for both client and agent, as it gives both parties an icebreaker that can normally lead to easier communication.

They Listen with Intent

good listening realtor

A good agent will not try to steer you towards properties that do not match your needs. A good agent will not dominate the conversation. Would you really trust an agent who ignored your wants and dislikes to represent your best interests during closing? If they’re empathetic and smart, they’ll take as much time as their client needs to listen to them and understand the client’s wants and dislikes, while providing counsel that can dispel anxiety or incorrect assumptions. This process is about putting the client first to get them the best possible deal.

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