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4 ways to reduce your power bill this summer

The Summer is in full swing here in Boca Raton. No matter how long you've lived in your Boca home, there's always something new to learn from the experts and your neighbors alike when it comes to saving on your power bill. People moving to Boca Raton should know that cooling occupies a massive part of our power bill, even in the fall and winter months. To save on your power bill this summer, try these quick and easy tactics that make a big difference. 

 Keep Air Flowing and Sunlight At Bay

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These are really two tips in one, but we're feeling generous. Airflow is crucial to keeping the heat off your cooling unit. Remember, your A/C/ has the responsibility to circulate cool air throughout the room until it detects the proper temperature has been reached. Ceiling, box and oscillating fans are among the most efficient appliances in your Boca Raton home, always providing more relief to your central A/C (and your family) than it could ever cost on your power bill.

You'd be surprised how much basic sunlight can heat a room, even when not shining directly through the glass. Part 2 of keeping your room cool is to maintain a healthy balance with sunlight. We're not suggesting turning your home into a dungeon, but simple solutions like temporary blackout curtains or removable window tint.

Get to Know Indoor Plants

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Indoor plants bring so much more than their natural beauty to your home. They cleanse the air of mold, mildew, and airborne pathogens, and more importantly to this article, blog sunlight. Whether it be a few small snake plants on your windowsill or an indoor ficus that blocks a vertical window, indoor plants are a win-win for your home, your lungs, and your bottom line.

Check and Replace Your A/C Filters

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This is obvious but far too often ignored by Boca Raton homeowners. Almost always in a negligible or innocuous area of the home, our air filters are the first line of defense between dust, dirt, and even worse. A fairly simple understanding of physics would indicate that the more dust, dirt, and lint that accumulate on the filter, the less effective it will be! This diminishes air quality, can lead to respiratory issues, and drive up your power bill.

Switch Your Laundry Machine to the Cold Cycle

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We don't want to sound like we're sneering at the families in Boca Raton who use the hot cycle to clean up after their kids. Anyone who's picked up a youngster from elementary school knows the heat and humidity only worsen the juice box stains, grass, dirt, and beyond that our kids bring to our laundry pile. However, don't count your laundry machine out! Unless removing a severe stain or deep clean specialty clothing, the cold cycle on your laundry machine will almost always be enough.

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