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We pride ourselves on Boca Raton’s lifestyle of leisure. It’s certainly one of the safest cities in all of Florida, thanks to a close-knit community of neighbors, good schools, and a general sense of well-being. However, crimes of opportunity have been on the rise in some pockets of the country, and here are 4 simple home safety tips to keep your Boca home safe!

Close Your Garage Door

closed garage door

We know how relaxed life is in the cul-de-sac. You know your neighbors well. The neighborhood kids ride their bikes in the street. No need to worry about anything it seems, so keeping the garage door open seems like a good idea. It even signals to the neighbors that you’re home and they’re welcome to stop by. But you’re not thinking about the ride-share drivers, the out-of-town workmen, or the opportunists cruising through your little piece of heaven. Many a Boca Raton resident has seen power tools, bikes, electronics, even their cars disappear thanks to an open garage door. More reason not to make it a habit of leaving it open? You could easily forget it’s still up by the time you go to bed.

Invest in a Cellular Alarm System

cellular alarm system

Alarm systems are the norm here in South Florida. Every other house proudly displays its “Protected by” such and such company on the path to the front door. We highly recommend purchasing a system that is monitored 24/7. In an era of aging infrastructure, it’s best to purchase an alarm system with its own power supply and a cellular connection, so even the most experienced thief can’t cut the telephone wires before they make a move on your prized stereo.

Password Protect Your Home WiFi

home wifi protection

We think our neighbors are decent people, but do you really want to hold loud, personal conversations with the windows open as they sit in their backyards? Having an unsecured WiFi network is just like that. A polite neighbor will never think of infringing on your privacy, but one can never be too sure. With much of our lives managed digitally through our wireless networks, an ounce of prevention is worth what could be thousands of dollars to cure a case of stolen identity. Invest in a WiFi router that possesses WPA2 encryption with a strong password (not your phone number!) that will give you the best odds of keeping your information safe!

Buy a Discreet Security Camera

home security camera

Most burglaries happen during the daytime when Boca homeowners are at work or shopping. Professional burglars case neighborhoods and choose certain homes to target. When purchasing security cameras, make sure that one (preferably two) of them is pointed at the street at a 45-degree angle to take notice of any unusual cars driving by. You might capture the license plate of someone involved in a neighbor’s break-in.  

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