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hurricane preparedness items

over the past decade, Hurricanes have been infrequent, but are still inevitable. For all residents, but especially buyers of single-family homes, it is fundamental to have a plan and the supplies needed to weather the storm. Here are 4 must-have items for your Boca home to be hurricane-ready.

Solar Powered Fan

solar powered fan

The silver lining of a hurricane is that due to its cyclical nature and megalithic formation, the weather shortly before and immediately after is often pristine. In the Sunshine State, this means the opportunity to soak up those precious rays and take advantage of solar tech. When the power goes out, perhaps nothing makes the aftermath more uncomfortable than the dearth of air conditioning. A solar-charged fan won't change the world, but it'll make things a bit easier as you work to get things up and running.

Battery Powered or Hand Cranked Radio

battery powered radio

Emergency services have dramatically improved with technology. The devastation of Hurricane Andrew in particular amplified the call for South Florida homes to vault towards the 21st century. Thus, the need for emergency communications is reduced, but not altogether eliminated. Hurricane first-timers experiencing their power, cable, and cell service going out at once may be safely ensconced in their home, but unable to learn what hazards and post-storm alerts may be sent across the airwaves. A simple solution - tune into AM radio with an old school battery-operated or hand-cranked device.

Portable Gas Camping Stove

portable camping stove

These range from relatively cheap to high-tech camping gear. In particular, a Jetboil stove can bring a quart to boil in 90 seconds, and is as light and compact as any we've seen.,If you're not an avid camper, there's still plenty of reasons to have a portable, propane-powered camping stove. Water supplies can often be affected by the destruction of a hurricane. A quick boil can cleanse the water of pathogenic dangers, and cook freeze-dried food options where the stove won't do.

Leathermen's Tool


A leathermen's tool, also known as a multi-tool is a Swiss Army Knife with a little bit more. Often marked by their plier tips and silver folding handles, these tools do a little bit of everything, and provide much more than one might think in the process of preparing, enduring, and clearing the neighborhood after a hurricane. Have one of these handy for hurricanes, and for whatever life throws at you in general. They're called a multi-tool for a reason!

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