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must have home office accessories

The home office took on a whole new meaning this past year. with so many of us forced to adapt our kitchen tables to workspaces, the ever-evolving complement of home office supplies and gadgets experienced a boom in innovation. However, it's often the simple solutions that go the furthest for us. Beyond expensive gizmos and new electronics, what are some of the affordable, game-changing accessories to add to our Boca Raton home offices? Check out our list below!

Update: A much-needed entry for The Mighty Mug was added on (01/07/2022)

Multi-Angle Tablet Stand

multi angle tablet stand

For those using their tablets as a display extension, digital multi-tool, or another top-of-desk purpose, the multi-angle tablet stand allows you to adapt to your eye level. This affordable, simply designed metal frame positions your tablet in a space-saving, efficiently accessible position.

second computer monitor

two computer monitors

You haven't experienced it until you've tried it. A second monitor is one of the greatest yet most obvious innovations to the modern office, ever. The second monitor is more a logical next step in the evolution of the workspace, rather than genuine technological innovation. Still, the ability to drag and drop information, create more display space, and relay from one screen to the next is an undeniable necessity in today's fast-paced world.

Mighty Mug

We know it's playing with fire (or coffee?) but nobody in their right mind will surrender that little sliver of desk space reserved for an otherwise benign, but currently volatile cocktail of workplace ruin. One false move, a shift of your papers, a leg bump, and your $2000 computing investment could be in serious jeopardy. Rather than surrendering our desks or living in constant fear of that inadvertent bump ruining our work day and paychecks, the Mighty Mug here is with the answer. Lifts easily for sipping, but holds steadfast to the surface it's grounded on, this might just be the investment that could one day save your hard drive from a tragic coffee bath.

extension outlet

extension outlet for home office

An extension outlet is a simple lifesaver that'll change the topography of your home office. For rooms that have limited power outlets, this massive 15 foot long, 3 port extension cable wraps comfortably around a multitude of placements, clearing the mess of wires from dragging across your room, and allowing for a more dynamic power situation at your desk. 

Lumbar Support 

lumbar support for office

Lower back pain is one of the biggest productivity killers in the world. All that time spent fidgeting, stretching, and wincing drags our energy down and limits the time we can give to a given task. Lumbar solutions for home offices range from full ergonomic chairs costing thousands of dollars, to simple mesh and wire supports. For whatever works with your budget, be sure to give yourself a little love, not just your desk!

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