4 Major Incentives To Sell Your Property This Summer

4 major reasons to sell your home this summer

Summer is on the horizon. For Floridians, it’s been here since Valentine’s Day, but the rest of the country is still catching up.  Boca Raton Real Estate was once considered a seasonal market, both in terms of tourism and Real Estate. Yet, with the massive paradigm shift that was 2020, we now see that South Florida homes are not only relatively insulated from economic forces that impact most of the country, but that demand is a year-round expectation. The market is still as hot as your car engine after a trip to the beach on a midsummer day. Similes aside, we provide you with four reasons why you should consider listing your home or condo this summer! Read on to learn more as we strive to keep you informed on both current events and market forces that may change your mind about where you’ll hang your hat this Autumn.

high demand

High Demand

Summer is the norm for us, but for northerners who represent the lion’s share of relocation cases, summer is the cessation of gridlock. Elderly clients are more likely to visit, school is out so families are mobile, parents are seeking out new condo options and rental opportunities for their young collegians, and there are few significant holidays to work around. For all these reasons, summer is when demand is at its highest. Buyers are often flush with cash, and as uncommitted from their daily rigors as possible.

sunny patio

Better Weather

Summer weather is the perfect time to set up your property and have it looking its best. Flowers bloom, gardens teem with life, birds make their nests and outdoor spaces are magnificent under the shine and sheen of our Boca Raton sunlight. Pools, patio decks, Florida rooms, and the many outdoor spaces that set our real estate apart are illuminated in Summer better than any other season.

paint and hand tools

More Time for Repairs and Renovations

Prices are lower, shipping lanes are open, and items like steel, lumber, and rubber are more abundant. Work crews are more accessible, and contractors have more time on their hands. There is often a push from seasonal residents towards the winter months to repair homes, and vehicles, and prepare their second property for inhabitation. These visitors often preoccupy workers you’d otherwise be able to easily contract and work through.

competitive pricing

Competitive Pricing

More properties are on the market, more clients are mobile, and more workers are available. When the summer hits, the northern hemisphere comes alive. Working with an expert agent and reputable contractors will ensure you know which improvements need to be made and what staging must be done to present your property for the best possible price. In addition, you’ll be kept abreast of market conditions, and competitivand e price points, and have access to the resources of the Realtor and their brokerage.

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