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The housing market in 2020 and 2021 has roared to life with reckless abandon. With double-digit growth from Florida to Idaho (the second fastest-growing state in the nation), homes are being snapped up like popcorn on movie night. While existing homes are staying on the market for tens of hours, new home builds are backed up and purchased before a hammer meets a nail. Here are 4 home building trends that are pacing the market in 2021!

Specialized Office Space

home office space

With the pandemic, work from home became a once-in-a-while event to take on a slow Friday to a distinct way of life. One day soon, we expect PBS will dedicate an episode of their prestigious “American Experience” to the move from office to home. If you, too, have been touched by this tectonic shift in earning a living, you may be tired of staking out the sofa or the kitchen table to take Zoom calls between meals or fits of frenzy from your four-year-old. Homebuilders have taken note and an addition of an extra 80sq. ft in a living room to lavish ensuites have been repurposed in newbuilds to accommodate the new work-from-home lifestyle.

Outdoor Movie Theaters

outdoor movie projector

Even with this being a sellers’ market, homebuilders can’t simply rest on their laurels. With movie theaters on the brink of bankruptcy and the home theater being a bit blasé, more and more existing homeowners have begun to outfit their backyards with outdoor theaters to compensate for the loss of public life and to socialize safely with their friends and family. While the country has begun to reopen, homeowners remain attached to their (fairly epic) outdoor theater set-ups. We’ve seen inflatable outdoor theaters and massive builds that can rival the jumbotron at Citi Field. The public has spoken and, with prices dropping year over year, we can imagine a day where an outdoor theater becomes the norm for the middle American family.


sustainability at home

It’s no coincidence that as more and more millennials purchase homes that the demand for sustainable or repurposed materials has increased. And who doesn’t enjoy the simple charm of a refinished hardwood floor that once held up a 19th-century granary? With a wary eye towards rising energy costs and lumber, more and more homebuilders are looking for sustainable alternatives that cost them less and save the future homeowner more over the life of the home.

Freestanding Baths

freestanding bathtub

The grand clawfoot, how we remember thee as a faithful constant in the classic American home. When did we stray and replace you with a built-in tub that sits flush against three sides and possesses zero characters? Well, we shall weep no more over your absence. You can still find handsome clawfoot tubs from high-end retailers like R|H, but the freestanding bath has arrived. You’ve seen them before, glinting in the pages of travel magazines as they sit like a prized egg in the center of a lavish resort suite’s bathroom overlooking a grandiose Pacific vista. Now that experience can be yours – for the cash equivalent of a few nights in a said suite. As master suites become more elaborate, so must their offerings, and the realm of home bathrooms and spas are quickly overlapping.

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