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Moving is a hassle, and as any homeowner knows, undertaking taking such a rigorous task requires a lot of preparation—mentally and physically. Home staging is the process in which the homeowner showcases the best features of a home. From the bathroom, bedrooms, kitchen, and foyers, it’s important to make your home a hot commodity on the Boca Raton housing market. Our expert realtors on the Champagne & Parisi team recommend home staging as a way to help you earn a quick sale, and make you walk away with the confidence in knowing you made the right choice. However, home staging can be a very time-consuming process and it’s important to know the right tips and tricks. The profit you make from your home is an important number when it comes to moving into your next home. These 4 tips will guide you down the right path towards earning your next dream home.

Rearrange Furniture to Open Space

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You may love your big recliner right where it is, but when showing your home to a prospective buyer, open space is essential. Stoking the imagination of the buyer is much easier with less personal material and more open space in your home. When the buyer can visualize how they would utilize the space, their imagination begins to run and they begin to wrap their head around the prospect of living there. Obtrusive furniture, clutter, or an overabundance of personal items, knickknacks, family pictures, and more can disrupt the prospect's capacity to envision their future in the home. 

Put In Your Home Staging Effort Where it Counts

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Moving is an incredible hassle - it's physically challenging, expensive, and if you're selling your home, even more, time-consuming and financially burdening. Research has shown that the master bedroom, living room, kitchen, and master bathroom are among the chief concerns for prospective buyers as they envision their move. If your time and effort are limited by the circumstances of life, be sure to throw your weight where it counts the most!

Repairs Are Important

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Nobody wants to hear it but making those costly repairs do influence your offering price. Anyone looking to own a new Boca Raton townhome is most certainly not going to want to repair damages, and why should they? Moving is already a tedious process with a large amount of stress, and putting money toward something that should have already been fixed will add to that. Repairing key elements of your home will be a long-term benefit for your final price. Sinks, pipes, drywall, and ceilings are some of the most common things new homeowners are looking to avoid finding damaged. Cracks in the ceiling or wall can alert buyers to a foundation problem, making your probability of selling slim. Carpets are also another primary candidate for headaches. Buyers will most likely find a dirty, stained carpet off-putting, reducing your selling chances furthermore; tile floors can be a wonderful alternative. Low maintenance and a good choice for allergy-prone buyers, they can appeal easily to the eye. If your buyer is not interested in tile floors, don’t fret; carpeting can easily be installed by the next homeowner.

Your Exterior Counts

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They always said don’t judge a book by its cover, but when it comes to the housing world, looks are definitely everything. Your home staging is perfect; the walls, ceilings, carpet, and story are down pat, but you’re missing one thing; the exterior. Home staging the outside of your home is just as important if not more so than the inside. First impressions are everything, and if your sidewalk and driveway have chips, cracks, and staining—you can expect to settle for less than what you offer. The same principle applies to your yard’s foliage. Having unsightly hedges that are overgrown can give the impression that the previous owner is neglectful—giving the illusion of laziness. With your bushes, hedges, and trees trimmed to a nice length, it will coax buyers into enjoying springtime that much more. As you home stage your front yard, don’t forget the back! Having a clean pool can make anyone want to buy, allowing the next family to enjoy summer that much more. Don’t have a pool, don’t worry; making your backyard look cozy is a breeze. Birdfeeders, a garden, and flowers can make any dull backyard the talk of the neighborhood.

Home staging doesn’t have to be stressful! With the right mindset, time, and creativity, you can turn your home into a paradise for the next buyer, giving them the same wonderful memories you once had in your previous home.

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