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In just a few short years, Yoga has gone from a fringe activity that we'd commonly associate with... ahem... new-age types, and is now a facet of everyday life for millions of Americans. Among many things, the Boca Raton community vibe is sustained by people who work hard, play hard, and take care of their bodies. For some, yoga is a way of life. For others, an essential way to break up a busy week. Whatever your reason for coming to Boca Raton, bliss out at one of these 4 (among many) great Boca Raton yoga studios.


Yoga Joint Central Boca

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The Brainchild of founder Paige Held, the yoga joint brand has now expanded to 6 locations, with an additional 2 sets to open this year. The yoga joint is a hot yoga studio featuring their signature vinyasa flow, yin/restore, and high-intensity fit classes focusing on core strength and cardiovascular endurance. all under the purifying infrared lighting that makes so many moments at YJ as photogenic as they are healing.

Keshava Radha Yoga Inc.

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Keshava Radha Yoga focuses intensely on the slow, developmental practice of Hatha Yoga. Hatha focuses on meditative practice, holding poses to build awareness, bringing breath to the body, and balancing the emotions. Their classes include a flow-based vinyasa, tai chi, and a dynamic morning Sadhana class. For something that's consistently terrific, but a little different than your typical yoga studio, find your balance as Keshava Radha.

Yoga South

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The simply titled yoga south is a sunkissed, bright, and spacious studio featuring a high ceiling and natural hardwood floors. Their focus on illuminated and open space brings relative peace to what can often feel like a stifling environment. For those reluctant to enter the hot yoga practice, Yoga South's hot yoga room may be exactly what you need to attune to the heat and become a more aware, balanced version of yourself.  To add, Yoga South includes a smaller studio for bodywork and privates sessions, and an infrared sauna to detoxify the body.


yoga at the beach boca raton

Yoga at the Beach in Boca Raton presents one of the most interesting and apt interpretations of this ancient practice. By taking advantage of the natural majesty we live amongst in Boca Raton, Yoga at the Beach does what traditional indoor studios don't - immerse us in our atmosphere. While we'll never knock the value of an indoor studio, replete with heated options, water and shower access, and contained, proper instruction among other things, look to Yoga at the Beach Boca Raton for a refreshing take on a timeless practice.

Yoga Journey

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Yoga is all about the journey, not the destination. As cliche as it sounds, the humility that yoga teaches is a skill that can carry us through life and make us better people. Owner Leslie Glickman has applied this humble abundance to how she carries herself, and her business throughout the community. She has shared the gift of yoga with many people, giving back to so many worthy causes benefiting children, veterans, the sick, and the environment. Classes include vinyasa, yin, and more - online, in the studio, and abroad in our community.

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